War Zone Jacksonville Florida!

Posted August 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Friday night a single gang-banger attempted to make his bones at a local high school football game.  He killed 1 – wounded 2,  and was captured.

Today a pizza place in a crowded downtown mall is the scene of a massacre.  Related?  Revenge?  Story developing…


UPDATE:   Sunday evening…

As facts become known, the shooter is a disgruntled video-gamer – David Katz – age 24 from Baltimore – who was attending a video-game contest.  He killed himself.

UPDATE:  Monday 27 August 2018   FBI raids upscale Baltimore home – find divorce records – testimony that as a teenager he was in the nut-house TWICE;   was prescribed anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs.

BUT:  Not being on any Government LIST – was able to legally buy TWO pistols – a .45 and a 9mm….

One Response to “War Zone Jacksonville Florida!”

  1. Catherine

    Why am I not surprised at this?

    From Hal Turner’s article on the event:
    “The shooter, identified as 24 year old David Katz, had a page on Reddit where he referred to supporters of President Trump as “Trumptards” and said he was part of the “Resistance.””

    Could this be (yet another) loser triggered as a false flag so there is more clamor for “gun” control? (Probably including the gamer convention as well.) After all, we KNOW the deep state does NOT give flying eff at a rolling donut about how many people DIE, as long they maintain power and control. (And to fully implement the latter, we the People MUST be disarmed.)