War On Cops: New Orleans

Posted September 12th, 2015 by Iron Mike

5 PM Friday – officer in marked cruiser sprayed with AK-47, suffered broken glass wounds, – nearby civilian gunned down.
War on Cops New Orleans
nitial reports ~ sketchy ~ describe Black male w/ dreadlocks – firing from a white luxury car driven by another male. The officer – who survived – may have driven up on a crime in progress…

But look at the number of deadly attacks on cops – JUST THIS YEAR!
Race war on Cops

And Mister Obama says….?


2 Responses to “War On Cops: New Orleans”


    the term “outgunned” is pure poppycock,created by the left.Anti gun people have little understanding of firearms and this man will not attempt to change their malfunctional images,they live in a warped world.however i will add that a ak-47 shown is no more no less a threat than a ar 15 platform gun used by police everywhere. tHE CALL FOR LARGER FIREARMS EMPLOYED BY POLICE IS RIDICULOUS,MOST AMERICAN POLICE HAVE AT THEIR DISPOSAL AS DO OUR MILITARY.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Again I must say, President Lincoln had the right idea….