“War Hero” Kerry Is CLUELESS!

Posted June 29th, 2016 by Iron Mike

I’m not sure how much Military Science the Yale NROTC Department was teaching back in the 1960s, – but all of it blew right through John Kerry’s arrogant elitist ears.
Clueless Kerry
When ISIS can successfully attack two major European airports in under 100 days,  – while fighting against Syrian, Russian, Iraqi, US, and Peshmerga forces,  – they aren’t “desperate’ – they are winning!


Brussels 22 March

Oh, – and they managed to kill 49 cavorting gays in Orlando,  – and get the US Attorney General,  the FBI, and the US President to all lie about it.

Obama lied about Orlando

AND, Obama is still having the State Department import thousands of hardened ISIS fighters – and FUNDING them as ‘refugees’.

Kerry, you are a co-conspirator with Obama and ISIS, you are once again a TRAITOR!

We take full note that you’re still hanging out with the self-appointed saviors of the world….

Kerry Aspen Ideas Festival

What would we do without you special people?

Who else could give the Persian Twelvers the GREEN LIGHT?

John Kerry the FOOL

What, – you didn’t know Kerry’s daughter married a Persian?

Vanessa Kerry's wedding

2 Responses to ““War Hero” Kerry Is CLUELESS!”

  1. Varvara

    Kerry is dumb. I really believe he thinks he is smart and working for the people. Actually, he is just plain dumb, not smart, stupid and trying to help 0bama.

  2. FLICK

    ISIL, DASH. These P’sOS can’t use the term ISIS like everyone else does? Elitists inferring that they know more than what I; Joe Six Pack see!

    They’re desperate. Yep. I buy that…

    God help us.