Want Your Women To Come Home?

Posted August 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

There are predators out there  – just looking for helpless and oblivious victims.  Do NOT expect mercy.  They’ll use your woman,  – and dump her body.

Young Mollie Tibbetts was a needless victim – jogging in an area she’d come to know as “SAFE”It wasn’t!   And she was unarmed.

NO damnit!  We’re not blaming the VICTIM!  Rape and murder shouldn’t happen,  – but since the very beginnings of history they HAVE HAPPENED.  All of us carry the faint DNA of distant rapists….

And since young women are DETERMINED to prove they’re “JUST AS GOOD AS ANY MAN”…they’ll go walking and running when and where they damn well please.

All you can do is TRAIN and ARM them!

FIRST:  A Rape Whistle is utterly worthless out in the countryside,  – and in many areas of towns and big cities.  NOBODY is going to hear it,  and NOBODY is coming to help!

SECOND:  NEVER walk or run with headphones in.  You need to be totally aware of your surroundings.

THIRD:  Get used to the idea that every passing car MAY contain a rapist – one who will kill you to keep you from reporting his crime.

FOURTH:  Understand that your reaction time may be just 1 or 2 seconds!  Your first move MUST be instinctive – and it must WORK!


So get some training from some trusted source.  Many police departments do this,  – or can direct you to someone who does.

POINT:  You’re not looking to become a Black Belt in Karate,  – you need to learn and PRACTICE a couple of moves – that give you time to reach for your WEAPONS.

At RRB we URGE women who run or walk, – or even just walk a dog within sight of home,  – to carry ALL THREE – Mace,  a pistol,  and a push-button knife.  

They’re light, can be easily concealed,  – and can save your life.


And,…if you are lucky and walk and run for 40 – 50 years without an ugly encounter,…what have you lost…?

And BTW,  that big dog you’re walking – won’t save you.  He may deter a few rapists,  – but others will walk up and instantly shoot your dog – then grab you into a van.


When you buy a pistol – after trying many types and makes,  plan to practice day and night – shooting up to 100 rounds. (That makes the .22 a good $$$ choice.)

REMEMBER that you’re not practicing to hit distant bull’s eyes,  – your target needs to be a man-shaped silhouette at 10 – 12 feet.  

Your KILL DISTANCE is just 10 feet.

Kill a man further away,  – you may not be able to convince a District Attorney that you had genuine fear for your life,  EVEN if he turns out to have a lengthy record.

An asshole DA may claim you “had no way of knowing” Clyde’s criminal record or his intentions….you simply shot him in cold blood.

PRACTICE THIS:  “He grabbed me,  – I spun away and reached for my pistol.  He came at me AGAIN and I shot him – twice…”.

FINAL NOTE:  Almost every experienced shooter will give you a different opinion on THE BEST GUN to carry.

Truth is,  – there is no “Perfect Gun” that is best in any possible or any likely scenario,  – so EVERY option is a compromise between reliability, ease of draw, ease of concealment, weight, stopping power, and available rounds.

DON’T let COST be a factor.   Funerals are expensive.

Pick the one BEST for YOU!  It should also be a pretty good bedside gun as well, – able to DROP A GOON inside your bedroom door – but not go through too many walls….

4 Responses to “Want Your Women To Come Home?”

  1. Vince Picarello

    All women/girls should take Mike’s advice…

  2. Varvara

    There is a group of concerned citizens walking to Smith & Wesson
    this weekend. I wonder why……

  3. MC

    Another suggestion for those who say they don’t have time or the money to go to the range and burn up ammunition. I have purchased two of the following and recommend them -one for myself and one for my daughter’s family.


    Now you can practice in your home down your hallway or across the room and not use any ammunition only a laser shell. The entire family can become proficient and also learn gun safety. (Dan Bongino has them as a sponsor so if you include Dan in the checkout you get $10. off)

  4. Panther 6

    Be armed, be trained and get a concealed carry permit if you can. Society is breaking down and we all must be careful but we also must go on with life.