Want To Be Named To Obama’s Cabinet?

Posted May 2nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Penny PritzkerJust buy the Obamas
a retirement home!

Yeah, if you’re one of those greedy millionaires or billionaires who’s ‘not paying your fair share’, – just buy Obama a $35 Million retirement mansion in Hawaii, – and you get to be a Cabinet Secretary.

Penny Pritzker is Big Time Chicago!  Harvard, Stanford Business School, Stanford Law, heiress to the Hyatt Hotel fortune – worth at least $1.7 Billionshe chaired Obama’s 2008 Finance Committee, then co-chaired his 2012 Finance Committee.

AND, she is reported to have put up at least HALF the $35 million for his retirement home in Hawaii….$35 Million Retirement Home
Any wonder the Obama is about to reward her with Secretary of Commerce?

Now everybody,  just OVERLOOK that messy collapse of the Superior Bank in 2001 – which cost the FDIC $300 Million, and left uninsured depositors on the hook for $10 Million…  Nuttin to see here folks, [just the Pritzker family paying a settlement to the Federal Government – a mere $460 Million.]  Nothing to see…

UPDATE: Took awhile but on Tuesday 25 June 2013 – Penny was confirmed 97-1.  Bernie Sanders – the Communist senator from Vermont was the sole Nay vote.

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  1. Casey Chapman

    Crony capitalism is what we had under Bush. Crony Socialism is what Obama and his buddies are putting in place now down in D.C. We need to support the groups that are trying to save the republic and restore our freedoms.