Wanna Be A War Hero?

Posted June 30th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Just go buy some medals and tell folks you’re a bloomin’ hero!

That OTHER atrocious Supreme Court decision:  Justice Kennedy has just protected your right to tell lies about your ‘deeds of courage, sacrifice, and valor’. Go ahead, – buy a uniform, – wear some medals, – strut about, tell war stories, [be sure to tell ’em everybody else on the mission was killed], – even write a book.

Kennedy just declared the Stolen Valor Actunconstitutional:

‘The Stolen Valor Act infringes upon speech protected by the First Amendment.’

UNITED STATES v. ALVAREZ Decided 6-3,  28 June 2012. Conviction of serial liar Xavier Alvarez overturned [but Decision states ‘Lying was his habit’].

The justices sugget that ‘a national database of MoH recipients’ – would protect the sanctity of the Medal, and the valor of the recipients. What a travesty!

Since it’s all just about ‘Free Speech’, I think I’ll add some dependants to my tax returns, get myself a nifty EBT card, start parking in the handicapped spots, demanding recognition at public events, even a special license plate.















3 Responses to “Wanna Be A War Hero?”

  1. Flick

    This is just wrong. ROT in HELL abusers!

  2. Walter Knight

    I understand there is a website to check people who claim they were SEAL members, too.

  3. Jim Buba

    I was a SEAL member, but I don’t think stoping the leak in the rear end of my Ford F-250 rises to the level of prominence that some might first suspect when they extract the first four words of this sentence to hang me by my balls in political arenas.

    I won the Medal of Honor, but it was really just an honor to win a medal for finishing first in a school-wide competition. I can’t even remember what essay I had written to be so honored. However, the first six words of that sentence will be used to ream me a new one of which I only need, but may need maintenance from time to time as I age.

    I am a Distinguished Graduate, it says so right there on my certificate. Not as stunning as being Valedictorian or Slutatorian but to those who attended the weeks long seminar in the fine arts of mitigating military life, hierachy and mission that didn’t recieve; but did bestow this honor upon me, it is a Big FN Deal. Joe Biden wouldn’t understand.

    Truly dedicated military persons do not go around telling everybody they won or were awarded this or that. To most, it is like pulling teeth to get them to admit they every won or were distinguished in the military for merely having done their job. Humility is a strong part of the character that goes hand in hand with the men and women that do things to cause others in thier company to take notice.

    To having taken notice by a group surrounded by exceptionalism is indeed a feat of great honor. If anyone makes a point of saying they won anything, they are probably lying. If not, they are of the type of person that craves attention much like most of us pining away for mom or dad to watch us leap off the high diving board.

    If such a person is bragging and running for office or applying for a job, they are unreliable at everything except lying. You will be wise to avoid granting them further endorsement.

    At the end, the Supreme Court has struck down a law in the name of the First Amendment, which tells you how much they are bragging now, seeking to protect what little remains of the respect owed justices paid to decide what is right.