Walk Away Democrats! He’s Not Home.

Posted May 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

4 Responses to “Walk Away Democrats! He’s Not Home.”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    He’s not the best they’ve got. He’s the controllable place-holder so they can swap out the real candidate at the convention (or by dnc fiat if they cancel the convention). Bernie was not (as certainly) controllable, so he had to go.

    All of that should underscore the #WalkAway imperative.

  2. panther 6

    Stubby Buddy nailed it, along with Rush L. The Demorats have a plan and when it surfaces it will include Biden (likely) with a female minority who can step up if they are elected. Now who is the female?

    Maybe if the Convention is held the plan will unfold there and NOT include Joe B.

  3. W Larry

    Dark horse is coming no doubt.

    The left will maintain lockdowns in blue states and neocon red states until they secure massive mail in voter fraud. Not just to steal the Presidential election but to steal the Senate and maintain the House.

    The wicked witch of Michigan sent covid positive patients to hospitals in every corner of her state making sure the virus spreads.
    These other bought and paid for politicians will no doubt do the same in the coming weeks.

    This is their last chance to get their one world government before Trump completely undoes their work subverting the American people since the 1960s and fully exposes the criminal treason of the last leftist administration. Criminal treason that will certainly include the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff, Nadler, Hillary and all of the bureaucrats that worked for Obama. They will make sure this country burns to the ground before they allow all that.

    “They” are the globalist billionaires from the west who made their fortunes by selling out American labor, technology and intellectual property to China. The left’s leadership (whether democrat or neocon) is fully in bed with the Chicoms and has been for decades. Pretty revealing that the amount of billionaire families on the planet ballooned from 2 to 2208 since free trade was opened with China.

    You see, if you hand the self serving lots of cash they will commit adultery against national sovereignty and will embrace global citizenship. And why not? After all, those who made it rich by selling us out will be the 1% who rule the 99% in a socialist environment. This is why the democrat party is the tool of and takes their narrative queues from the Chinese communist party.

    Remember their Russia collusion coup attempt failed
    Their Ukraine quid pro quo impeachment failed
    All their previous insurance policy treason has failed.

    This plandemic is all they have left at this point. And where did the plandemic originate? Of course, from the CCP.
    No worries though, the left will probably also introduce a dark horse candidate to replace Biden as the election draws nearer. I am guessing they are counting on the dark horse to muddy the election results lessening the appearance of obvious fraud. Perhaps Obama (not the one you think though).


  4. Jim Buba

    When you think about it, the 25th Amendment turns the VP into the President with the simple accusation, sort of like the Puritans in the 17th Century.

    You can also recognize this as the Me-Too movement. Nobody gives a Rat’s Ass, but it makes good copy that becomes un-settling law