Wake UP Massachusetts!

Posted June 16th, 2018 by Iron Mike

RIP: Deputies Theresa King and Patrick Rohrer. Thank GOD Kansas still has the Death Penalty.

Had these murders happened here in Ooey-Gooeyland – the killer Antoine Fielder, who has bragged of 4 separate murders – would STILL not be guaranteed even a life sentence.

Antoine Fielder is the classic product of decades of the racist Democrat welfare politics – buying votes with welfare checks,  – and not giving a damn about how kids in those homes grow up.

Fielder grew up as a gang-banger thug,  with no regard for human life.

He was tried twice for the murder of a young mother,  – and both times witness tampering ~ may ~ have resulted in hung juries.   Now he’s killed two deputy sheriffs who were transporting him.

He overpowered them,  – shot them with their own guns. 

Note how HUGE he is,  – and ask why only two deputies (one a woman) were assigned to move him.   Why was he not better shackled?

MASSACHUSETTS:  Had this happened here in Ooey-Gooeyland,  – we have no Death Penalty!

In this state goons can murder school kids,  mothers,  store clerks,  co-workers,  old folks,  and cops,  – and laugh at the law – knowing the very worst they’ll get from our liberal courts and liberal judges is a fake ‘life sentence’...and sooner or later a LibTurd Governor like Dukakis will set them free….


Wake UP Massachusetts!

3 Responses to “Wake UP Massachusetts!”

  1. Mt Woman

    There are no excuses as to why this happened. Transporting a dangerous criminal should have been done using extreme caution for the safety of police and others.

  2. Walter Knight

    An issue people are afraid to address for fear of being called racist is jury reform. Politicizing juries has made convictions in large urban areas difficult because it is impossible to get unanimous decisions when black jurors refuse to convict. Majority jury decisions need to be allowed, or the criminal justice system breaks down completely and America loses its cities.

    The practical solution for most Americans is to just move away from the war in our cities, but that makes it worse.


    What you’re saying Walter is that – particularly in our big cities, – Blacks can nullify all of our laws by having just one Black juror as a ‘not-guilty’ holdout, – thus guaranteeing that defense attorneys will insist on having a racially proportioned jury for every case – pretty much guaranteeing a hung jury….

    In the long run that could result in the return of lynchings….

  3. Panther 6

    Yes to Walters’ and Mike’s analysis. The Justice system is breaking down while we watch. Fecal matter like this monster do need to get the ultimate penalty. I fear lynchings though are not the way to make it happen. Our citizens need to wake up and elect honest and good leaders. It may take time but this situation can be corrected. MA may be one of the last States to be turned.

    In this case I must also agree with Mt Woman that something broke down in the transferring of this thug. Doubt we ever know what really happened.

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    Agree totally Sir.

    But if this “Law Nullification” by Black jurors becomes a trend, – sooner or later an outraged and aggrieved family will take matters into their own hands after a hung jury trial.

    As for transporting thugs – – NEVER send a scrawny woman to do a man’s job! There should have been 4 burly guards for a guy this big and this strong.