VP Kamala KneePads Blows A Coal Mine!

Posted February 1st, 2021 by Iron Mike

China Joe sent his San Francisco Hoe to West Virginia to go on local TV and talk about how oil field workers and coal miners can be easily retrained for Green New Jobs.  Her real mission was to cause angst for Senator Joe Manchin, – so he’d vote for Biden’s economy-ruining bills…
Kneepads quickly showed her total ignorance of life in middle America,  – and proved how little she knows about our basic industries.  video

The Biden puppeteers are making it VERY clear,  – either march in silent LOCKSTEP with our agenda – or we’ll go behind your back and reach the über-liberal voters in your state.

In Manchin’s case,  Kamala Kneepads was trying to reach West Virginia’s liberals – government workers and college students,  who ~ think ~ that their living doesn’t depend on robust working and profitable coal mines,  – and who believe devoutly in the Green Energy hoax.

Other Democrats in Congress take note:  the Biden Team – flushed with the success of their stolen election – will gleefully fling you under their bus – just to make an example of you.

Landmine?  Coal mine?  WGAF?!?  Don’t expect Kneepads to give a damn about the difference.  As soon as she delivers China Joe to his new quarters at Walter Reed,  – she gets to be POTUS #47,  – and SHE’LL be issuing the Executive Orders!

4 Responses to “VP Kamala KneePads Blows A Coal Mine!”

  1. FLICK

    How hard can it be to be a puppet? She’s a empty monotone with a nose-full.

    Sheri Lewis and Lambchop

  2. Kojack

    ….and that’s an INSULT to puppets, at least the self-respecting ones.

  3. Ben

    What a disaster the next four years are going to be. I do hope I’m wrong and a miracle happens…….BUT I digress

  4. Vic

    An illegal president, unconstitutional orders – the states should tell these phonies to shove off.