Voters: Beware Of Phonies!

Posted August 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

Why do some veterans seem to support the worst phonies?

I remember John Kerry showing up for a campaign event in Worcester in 2008 – with Max Cleland and a busload of veterans they’d policed up from the Pine Street Inn in Boston.  If you weren’t aware of what you were seeing,  it looked like Kerry actually liked these guys and cared about veterans.

But when the 40-minute photo-op was over – Kerry and Cleland got into a van, leaving his “veteran buddies” to ride back to Boston on the bus with their $100 bill and a little less dignity, used and dumped.

It wasn’t Kerry’s first go-round using troops for props.  Politicians – the sleazy ones – never learn.

Back during his 2004 bid for the presidency – Kerry had used a few Swift Boat crewmen as props for his claim to be a war hero.  He wanted to look like the next coming of John Kennedy – substituting a Swift Boat for PT 109.  But despite using a few willing dupes, the rest of his two former squadrons mortgaged their homes to pay for the website “Swift Vets for Truth” – and it awakened just enough thinking Americans that we were spared the ketchup Presidency.

The MSM of course put a reverse spin on the issue, promptly inventing the word “Swiftboating” to describe a political campaign derailed by dirty tricks.  The Swift Vets aren’t dirty – Kerry is

Now comes again Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal – already in trouble for claiming to have served as a Marine in Vietnam [he never left the States] – is using troops for props while trying to deflect questions about accepting PAC money [$480,000 this year] for his campaigns.  Here he is pictured with some Marine veterans – apparently in a show of “all is forgiven”.

But there is a big “Oh shit!” in the picture.  The guy right behind Blumenthal – in the sports jacket – is a known phony – William Joseph Trumpower – aka Elliot Storm, who has a lifelong record of exaggerating his rank, his medals, his service, and his war-related disabilities.  Do you thing Blumenthal checked, – or cares?  Nah, he just wants the photo-op. 

Last week the über-liberal 9th Circuit Court ruled that it’s not a crime to lie about or wear medals you haven’t earned.  (Perhaps they were thinking of Kerry’s next Presidential run?)  So parts of the Stolen Valor Act are null for the moment. 

Americans need to ask questions.  Not everybody claiming to be a hero or a veteran really is.  Many never served.  Others like South Carolina Democrat candidate for the US Senate Alvin Greene have lackluster records. 

Beware of phonies!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. alan Linkevich

    The Worcester event was exactly as Mike described it. I was there too. I use a wheelchair and was welcomed warmly by Republican supporters even though I was not yet a Republican. The democratic disabled eye candy was shunted to the back, happy to be breating on his oxygen tank.