VOTE Today – Senate Primary

Posted December 8th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Massachusetts!  If you’re a registered voter – you need to VOTE TODAY – in the Special Primary Election to select candidates for the Special Election on January 19th.

As you head to your polling place – which will be open from 7 AM – 8 PM – consider carefully the following definition of one of America’s least glamorous words:

MASS-HOLE: n.  A registered voter in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (USA) who [not unlike the yearly migration of salmon to their spawning grounds] makes a biannual trip to vote for the most über-liberal progressive and socialist candidates for Beacon Hill and the US Government,  and then wonders their taxes go up and why so many mill and factory buildings in their town are empty firetraps.  See:  (Liberal Lemmings) and (Union Cows). 

Also:  Mass-Holer:  Someone drawing unemployment or shopping in New Hampshire – who’s vehicle still sports a Deval Patrick, Jamie Eldridge, Jen Benson, Niki Tsongas, Mike Capuano, Barney Frank, or Obama-Biden bumper sticker.

VOTE TODAY – Think CONSERVATIVE.  Well, at least think “Moderate” – there are no conservative candidates.  Of the six running there is ONLY one moderate:  Scott Brown.

 VOTE – then remind your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

One Response to “VOTE Today – Senate Primary”

  1. Susan

    Hi there. I met you today briefly at the Acton polling location (at the RJ Grey Middle School). Anyway, I took your picture with my camera phone and you asked me to send it to you but I could not find an email address on your blog. Where should I send it? FYI – I am a dreaded liberal and I want you to know that we’re not all that bad….we want America to be a great country too. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.