Vote-Stealing MassHole Democrats

Posted September 4th, 2019 by Iron Mike

There is EVIL afoot in our State House today – as Democrats openly and quite brazenly attempt to move a joint bill through “Public Hearings” – to vote, – and on to Charlie FAKER’S desk for signature.

They are determined to LEGALIZE what has been an ongoing practice at the RMV – giving Mass Driver’s Licenses to illegal immigrants (and simultaneously registering them to VOTE!).

Today’s hearings will be an utter SHAM!  They’ll have the rooms packed with MoonBats who will praise the idea – and exclaim to all “how much SAFER our roads will be if the illegals are forced to take a Driver’s Test!”

The sponsors – Crighton, Farley-Bouvie, and Barber will LIE and promise that ~ somehow ~ there will be ‘safeguards‘ to prevent these illegals from VOTING.  Democrats ALWAYS lie!


If not already registered automatically at the RMV,  stop in at Town Hall and register to VOTE.

Get a JOB driving a commercial vehicle, a taxi, a school bus, an ambulance, or a forklift in a warehouse….(taking those JOBS from US Citizens and Legal Residents).

Apply at the local Police Station for a Weapons Permit.

Get on a commercial aircraft….


There are so many stories of illegals having multiple welfare cards (EBT Cards) under multiple names that it is hardly worth documenting here….

Former Governor Deval Patrick used to call those stories “anecdotal” and described the massive loss of taxpayer money as “mere leakage in the system”.   He called such reports “racist”.

So you can count on those same sneaky bastards who came here ILLEGALLY,  – and obtained MULTIPLE EBT Cards,  – will now somehow manage to obtain MULTIPLE DRIVER’S LICENSES – most likely under DIFFERENT NAMES (VARIATIONS) – and in different towns – so that some may end up VOTING 5 or 6 times per election.

And you KNOW that Crighton, Farley-Bouvie, and Barber are totally counting on exactly that to win future elections.  Democrats ALWAYS cheat!



They’ve done it so many times….  After all,  you keep voting for them.  And you haven’t held torchlight protests in front of their homes.

So state-by-state they pass laws to register illegals,  encourage them to vote,  give them jobs which should be for US Citizens,  – send their kids to college (on your tax $$) so your kids can’t even get into the state colleges,  – then call you a racist when you object.

They can’t keep kids in state custody alive,  – can’t purge EBT rolls of cheaters,  – can’t process out-of-state DUIs,  – and can’t (or won’t) purge voter rolls,…can’t even keep the sex perverts out of the State House….

– but now they want you to ‘TRUST THEM’ – to ‘keep the roads safer’ – by giving ILLEGALS a driver’s license?

For how much longer Americans?

Crighton:  Third Essex – Consisting of the city of Lynn and the towns of Lynnfield, Marblehead, Nahant, Saugus and Swampscott in the county of Essex.

Barber: Thirty-Fourth Middlesex, Consisting of Medford: Wards 4, 5, Ward 7: Precinct 1, Ward 8: Precinct 2; Somerville: Wards 4, 7

Farley-Bouvier: Third Berkshire, Consisting of Pittsfield: Ward 1: Precinct A, Wards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

3 Responses to “Vote-Stealing MassHole Democrats”

  1. Asusue

    Great post Mike. So scary what is happening to our country. I

  2. Leonard Mead


    Yeah, democrat “motor voter” registration has been below the radar for decades — now the so-called “representatives” —- not of LEGAL MA voters– are ready to authorize handing licenses, jobs and votes (for democrats) to illegals.

    Your exposure of this outrage is wonderful.

    Taxpayers and voters who stay in this state and put up with this criminal move deserve everything that gonna come to them.

    That is, higher taxes, road deaths, more crime, rapes, robberies, and joblessness of legal tradespeople.

    Happy I don’t vote in this sh*thole.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative, Florida

  3. Kojack

    “For how much longer Americans?”

    DUMMYCRAPS are NOT Americans and MASSHOLES are DUMMYCRAPS!!! I know, because it is my misfortune to live and work among them. Facts don’t matter to them, they can’t be reasoned with.