Vote Malena Chastain For Mass State Rep

Posted February 22nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

You didn’t hear about our Special Election in the Mass 37th?
Very quietly State Rep Jen “Brillo Head” Benson resigned in December to become a Beacon Hill lobbyist.   She was pushed to do so by the appearance of a very worthy Republican about to take her on this November.
Now there is a Special Election to fill her seat.

You’ll need to vote TWICE this March.  PAY ATTENTION!

The SPECIAL ELECTION to replace Brillo Head Benson comes in TWO (2) PARTS:  A Primary, and a Special General Election…

The PRIMARY is being held in conjunction with the Presidential Primary on March 3rd.  All Republicans and “unenrolled” (aka No Party) voters should pull a Republican ballot and vote for Trump and Chastain

The SPECIAL GENERAL ELECTION will be Tuesday,  March 31st for the Towns and precincts which comprise the Mass 37th Middlesex District.

There will only be a SINGLE GENERAL BALLOT – so vote AGAIN for Chastain!



Lifelong Conservative / pro-Trump Republican

Strong family values

Pro-Life / anti-Abortion

Unequivocal pro 2nd Amendment

Pro Law Enforcement

Against Sanctuary State / Sanctuary Cities movement

Small-government fiscal conservative

Supports private, charter, and vocational schools

Answers issue questions without hesitation;  doesn’t pick her words to avoid direct answers or sticky issues.

Charlie Baker and the RiNOs are worried;  – there were several Baker spies at Malena’s event in Shirley Thursday night.

If you vote for Faker’s pick – Catherine Clark – you really get another Lunenburg Democrat – just like Brillo Head.   Check her website – see ANYTHING about your 2nd Amendment?

The Democrats will have to decide if they want the Shirley Democrat (who used to give money to JamieBoy),  – or his office boy.

NOTE to DEMOCRATS:   If you’ve been writing checks to JamieBoy,  – don’t expect that kindness to be repaid….just ask Dina Samfield.



UPDATE:  Wed, 4 March 2020   Only 2,451 people bothered to vote in this Republican Primary.

Malena won in Acton, Boxborough, and Harvard. But total was only 1,083 (44%).

4 Responses to “Vote Malena Chastain For Mass State Rep”

  1. Tim Murphy

    Thanks Mike!
    That was very helpful, especially the URL to the issues page
    which leads you to everything else including the donor page.


    Thank you Mike for exposing the RINO’s. Clark needs to go back to the Democrates, and take faker Baker with her. Vote for MALENA the real Republican in this race.

  3. Kojack

    Here is a link to a list republicans endorsed by MARA & The Boston Broadside:

  4. Tony

    Comment removed because the anonymous poster fabricated lies.

    He/she is obviously working for FAKER / Clark…


    Clark gave $$ to a DEMOCRAT. Republicans don’t do that!