Vote For The Murderer Damnit!

Posted March 29th, 2015 by Iron Mike

IGNORE THOSE DEAD BODIES:   “What difference does it make at this point?   I’m the next Queen!”
Hillary ande Dead Bodies
America’s mindless political peasants [i.e. Democrat voters] are expected not to know anything about Hillary’s trail of dead bodies.  If they hear anything – by accident,  – they’re expected to shrug it off as ‘sexist Republican lies‘.

So whether she’s erasing a damning email server, – or erasing lovesick witnesses in the West Wing, – or intimidating State Department witnesses with their careers and pensions,…Hillary has ruthlessly eliminated incriminating evidence and silenced witnesses – some forever.

Gee, if it were just a half-dozen or so, – just a plane crash here and there, …accusations of murder and cover-up might seem a tad far-fetched…maybe.

But the list is so long,…so many incidents,…so many dead…

Deaths           Cause       # Of Incidents

    59               Plane Crashes              12

    13               Murders                      13

    10               Suicides                      10

    04               Waco Assault               01

    03               Accidents                    03

Now it appears Hillary has erased the hard drive on her home email server – the one she used illegally for 4 years as SecState…in the face of a subpoena from the Benghazi Committee?

To ‘protect her private emails’…?  The ones about Chelsea’s wedding?

She didn’t do that by herself;  – she had loyal technical help; – highly paid and highly promised help…[who should now be fearing for their lives].


WAKE UP AMERICA! You too Dummycrats!!  Hillary spent four years traveling the world – bludgeoning foreign leaders and foreign business interests into sending BIG MONEY to her political war chest.

She was threatening retaliation when she became President if they didn’t cough up! THOSE are the incriminating emails she had to keep private.

Now her nightmare is that they ALSO reside on those foreign email servers, – and they can still turn up to haunt or to blackmail her.

Hillary dream candidate

So Dummycrats, – if you’re still dreaming about a ‘First Woman President’ who will make abortion a free government service,….and Hillary is still the only woman you can envision,…

…well you’ve pretty much smashed your moral compass.

The only question remaining for you is which lying treasonous fool will she chose as a running mate…?

Who will Hillary pick

I think she’ll pick Biden.   He’s kept Obama alive….

How many Americans in the top picture are DEAD?  Why is Web Hubbell there?

PLEASE:   Go Google Arkancide…..

70± million American women of legal age to be president,…

and Democrats could ONLY find the lifelong compulsive liar?

2 Responses to “Vote For The Murderer Damnit!”

  1. William Clark

    And there is a Bush List too, this is a short list of the bush family – believe them or not – are they just coincidence. Fair and Balanced…

    A roster of the dead linked to the George W. Bush Legacy, who might have been called Witnesses had they not met their untimely ends. Some of the names on this list will give you pause. Some are rumor. Some you may find incredible, and some frightening.

    Remaining 3,023 words DELETED!

    William, if you wish to post that much stuff – start your OWN blog.

    You can call it “”

  2. William Clark

    Your forum, so it’s your choice to edit or remove any views which threaten your belief’s at any creditable opposing evidence.

    I don’t actually believe that G.W. Bush had witnesses murdered the same as you don’t believe half the stories you concoct.

    Fiction mixed with certain facts is your occupation, poking holes in the hysterical is mine.
    We understand how the concept of PRIVATE PROPERTY grates on the mind of a Socialist William; – but this is a BLOG, – not a ‘forum’.

    If you want to extol Hillary and bash Bush; – start your own BLOG, – or your own ‘forum’. Meanwhile, keep your comments here reasonably brief.