Vote for… Newt? Mitt? Rick? Ron?

Posted February 11th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

As of today, I’m voting for Newt.  I have resisted making a choice until yesterday.  I heard what all 3 speakers said at CPAC.  (Ron didn’t show)  I watched what Newt said live, and talked to others and looked at the videos of the other two.

My criteria are simple (since I already believe that most anyone will be able to beat O in November).  I want to see a plan, know what you’re going to do when elected, and believe that you have the history to back it up.

Newt laid out his plan.  Simple (I won’t say bold) steps.  Repeal OCare.  Get rid of the czars.  Fire Bernanke.  Repeal DoddFrank.  Repeal SarbanesOxley. Approve the pipeline.  Get rid of the EPA.  Eliminate Capital Gains Tax. Drop the corporate tax rate to 12.5%.

Yes, some of these will be tough.  Only if you believe that the Congress will not undergo a significant sea change as well.  I think the change in Congress will eclipse the 2010 radical change.

I don’t need to write more.  These are the key bedrock changes that will radically change the way America works.  Not for the worse as it’d be under PresO, but closer to the way it was before O. 

That’s what I want.  If it’s also what you want, vote for Newt.  rr

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