Virginia State Senate Sidelines AR-15 Ban

Posted February 17th, 2020 by Iron Mike

It was a damn close committee vote – considering that Dems outnumber Republicans in the Virginia Senate 2119.

But in the Judiciary Committee, the 15 members split,  – and 4 Dems joined the 6 Republicans (Patriots) to shelve House Bill 961 until the 2021 session.  Had it passed (Baby-Killer Northam would have signed it),  – it would have been headed to the US Supreme Court by way of the Virginia Supreme Court.

3 Responses to “Virginia State Senate Sidelines AR-15 Ban”

  1. Jim Buba

    Hey, days nuttin’ like a democrap wunnin scayrd

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    That our government even talks about taking guns is the very reason the 2nd Amendment exists!

    (My next bumper sticker, Mike….)


    Bro, some days I truly fear these FOOLS will push us to the edge of reason and patience, – and we’ll have to hang a bunch of ’em in the public square…

    I hope it never gets that far, – but some of these would-be fascist dictators appear determined to disarm us and risk all-out civil war to achieve it. They don’t seem to understand which side actually HAS the GUNS!

  3. GreenGeretLTC

    Time will tell, Mike. And time’s running out…..

    Just for kicks, I’m actually watching PMSNBC in their lead-up to the Dem Debate, and some staffer just took the US flag off the stage! Are they KIDDING???? Did some Commie snowflake from ASU just call in and designate Old Glory a trigger?

    And…….am I just not focusing well or does Rachael Madcow actualky have an Adam’s Apple?