Virginia: “Sic Semper Dumb Ass”

Posted April 23rd, 2021 by Iron Mike

Democrat-controlled Virginia has a problem teaching math to high school students.  Maybe all those AA/EEO teachers they’ve put on their payrolls are the problem?

As true racists – Virginia Democrats decided that their Black students don’t really need MATH, because they’re going to have EBT Cards and a ‘guaranteed minimum income’.


For nearly three decades now AA/EEO policies in government hiring has resulted in layers of under-qualified teachers unable to really teach the hard subjects like math and science.  And now in 2021 they have senior tenure and full union protection.

SOLUTION?   Stop teaching the hard subjects?

Black leadership in many predominantly-Black cities have played the “Black Victim Card” – when students fail in school.  That has translated in recent years to a version that “you’re trying to be White” if you study math and science, – or even speak proper English.

SOLUTION?  Teach Global Warming and Critical Race Theory instead.

Virginia has about 23% Black population – heavily located in the Metro DC suburbs, in Richmond, Petersburg, Newport News and Norfolk.

RRB has trouble understanding why responsible Black parents – and taxpayers – in Virginia or anywhere –  would go along with these racist educational decisions.

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    Not a Black Face among them