Virginia Gun Grabbers Backed Down Today

Posted January 14th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The NRA and the VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League) showed up by the thousands – outnumbering the Moms Demand Action ladies,  – and demonstrating very clearly that gun owners are your responsible law-abiding neighbors – ready to stand armed between the timid and evil and/or left-wing tyranny.

Virginia gun grabbers led by Governor Ralph Northam created the crisis over the past several years – drafting “Red Flag Laws” and a bill to outlaw and confiscate AR-15s – (all for public safety of course).

Virginians responded – – passing local laws and ordinances turning over 100 towns, cities and counties into “2nd Amendment Sanctuaries”.

The hysteria grew to the point where recently US Rep Donald McEachin (Richmond south to the SC Border) was proposing that the Virginia Army National Guard go house-to house seizing AR-15s.

No, McEachin never thought that one through…because he’s a Democrat.

The message to Citizens nationwide is that our Rights and our Freedoms are always just one election cycle away from extinction.

We must face the reality that if ever our ballots fail to restrain tyranny,  – our bullets will be needed,  – so go buy some more!

In another 20 years or so,  – the old men pictured above will likely be too old and too weak to shoulder a rifle – and take to the streets of their home towns. 

It will be their grandchildren who will then have to step forward to Preserve and Protect…

Train and educate your kids and grand-kids well,  – our public schools are doing just the opposite.

2 Responses to “Virginia Gun Grabbers Backed Down Today”

  1. Sherox

    They are scary, Mike. They are white!

  2. panther 6

    Yes the are scary and white and very dangerous. BUT today they flinched because they realize citizens in the trenches aren’t buying all this gun control malarkey and are not going to stand by and give up their guns.