Viktor Orbán’s “Hungary First” Speech

Posted March 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Folks – you NEED to watch this video!   It won’t be easy – you have to read the subtitles.  Viktor is Prime Minister of Hungary – one of the few European countries not being run by cowardly left-wing politicians while being over-run by Muslims.

He’s tough as nails,  humorous,  borrows “Hungary First” from Trump,  – and singles out the greatest enemy of Europe – George Soros.  He explains WHY Soros is trying to destroy Europe.  As Viktor speaks – note carefully the faces of the audience.

Having been invaded by both the Nazis in WWII,  and then the Russians during the Cold War, Hungarians are pretty fierce about not being invaded again.

But the danger is just across their borders.  We should watch how they handle the problem – (Hint: they’ve built walls...).

Again,  take the time to read the subtitles,  and to absorb the reactions of his audience.  These look like people who clearly understand the dangers,  – and who trust Viktor.

The kinds of dangers currently over-running Western Europe – and threatening Central Europe – are already streaming into the USA.   Your left-wing politicians have been enabling it for 2 decades – funded by Soros.

It is NOT ‘RACISM’ to defend your culture,  – your religion,  – your family,  – or your nation from invaders!

5 Responses to “Viktor Orbán’s “Hungary First” Speech”

  1. Varvara

    Viktor Orban has the support of Poland and The Check Republic and now Austria is buzzing around him. He speaks the truth and the other countries believe him. He built the first wall and then the second wall using prisoners. Poland and Austria are attempting to build walls.

    George Soros is Hungarian and has duel citizenship but can not step foot in Hungary. There is a warrant out for his arrest for his crimes during WWII, when he turned in his fellow Jews.

  2. Panther 6

    This gent is a no nonsense, tell the truth, call it like it is and let the PC idiots grovel head of state. My kind of leader. Europe needs a dozen like this in places like France, Germany etc etc.

  3. Ben

    The Liberal media will never show this. The liberal politicians will call him racist and every other slur they can think of. He is the kind of leader all Europe should have.

  4. Jim

    It makes me Hungary for more. What about transferring our foreign aid from some of the S***hole countries that get it to Hungary. And, really, who doesn’t love goulash?

  5. Vic

    Wow! We need more like Victor Orban!