Victoria Nuland’s Amateur Hour

Posted February 6th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Lifetime liar uses unsecure phone, – gets taped by the Russians, – and they put it on you-tube.
Victoria Nuland Screws Up

Her ONLY qualification for high office was her willingness to be Hillary’s Spokes-Liar.  Now she’s making the kind of grave blunders which end up getting people killed.

What’d she do? (Russian video below the fold) 

Kiev 19 Jan 2014

If you’ve been following the news,  there have been weeks of rioting and political crisis in the Ukraine.   The Russians have a BIG interest in a Russian-friendly outcome, – and that may not happen.

Victoria Nuland – mostly famous for lying about Hillary’s blunders in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and finally about the Benghazi Massacre… got her reward.

John Kerry promoted her to Under-Secretary for Europe and Eurasia.  Damned big title and enormous responsibility for a know-nothing.

And with Kerry feverishly chasing an elusive Nobel Peace Prize somewhere between Geneva, Damascus, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv, – he’s had no time to supervise her.  [Not that he could…]

So with her head full of self-importance in the usual manner of unqualified Democrat wannabes suddenly in high office, – she’s off wheeling and dealing ‘solutions’ for the Ukrainian people – on an unsecure phone.

And of course she screws up – badly.  And the Russians are only too glad to publish the tape.

Hillary's reset buttonRemember that ‘Reset” button Hillary gave the Russians?  The one that had the wrong Russian word?   It was a rank amateur blunder.  Things have been all downhill from then.

Now the Russians have deliberately and publicly embarrassed Nuland, Kerry, and of course – their favorite chew-toy, – Obama.   The foul language comes at 3.03 on the tape.

This is a major security breach.  We can only wonder how many more the Russians didn’t publish!

You can be sure Obama doesn’t care.  He’s far more interested in redistributing your tax returns….and holding on to the Senate in November.Obama DILLIGAF

And with amateurs like Nuland, Kerry, and Obama in charge – is it any wonder why our former allies are backing away – and will no longer share intelligence with us?

Folks, when we started writing RRB almost 5 years ago – I worried there might not be enough to write about.  With these clowns in office – that has NEVER been a problem!

UPDATE: Thurs 20 Feb – just 2 weeks later…  The dead are piling up in Kiev.
Nuland's arrogance

3 Responses to “Victoria Nuland’s Amateur Hour”

  1. Tom

    Unbelievable, truly the amateur hour. Where is “Jack Ryan” when we really need him. This whole DOS crowd are nothing but wholly incompetent, pathological, serial liars. Our foreign policy has never been so screwed up and the only solution is a clean sweep.

  2. Hawk1776

    Talking on an unsecured phone was really, really stupid. It’s also proof positive that the NSA isn’t the only agency listening to phone calls. I don’t disagree with her opinion of the EU, but unfortunately this is another example of the Obama administration’s incompetence in foreign policy.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Aside from the non-secured aspect, she was unprofessional to be saying something like that in a work situation. Gosh.