Vicki Dreams Of Camelot

Posted January 7th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Vicki Kennedy endorses Martha Coakley to “carry on Camelot”?

Let’s evaluate:   Victoria Reggie Kennedy willingly married an obesely overweight bombastic murderer with a lifelong history of drinking and whoring around.  Did she do it for love or his money?

Coakley w SEIU

Today she’s endorsing an ethically challenged politically ambitious über-liberal with a long history of flawed legal and moral judgments.  Martha was laying out her campaign even before Fat Teddy was dead!  We’re well aware that Martha has no shame,  but neither does Ms. Vicki.

Coakley said: “While no one can ever fill Sen. Kennedy’s shoes, I will work every day to follow in his footsteps.”   Oh shudder the thought!! 

Missing the Glamor?

Anyone old enough to remember the days of honest Democrats, back before “Progressives” [socialists] went around calling themselves “Democrats”,  can only be ashamed of what has befallen that once-proud American political party.  You former Democrats should follow your conscience and vote in record numbers for Scott Brown.

And just what does Ms. Vicki get out of today’s theater?   Just that, – a stage, – a chance to remain relevant, – to be called out every election cycle to shamelessly rekindle the “legend of the Lion and Camelot”,  to be on TV, to be seen with the beautiful people.   Never mind the damage that Coakley will do to our nation [she’s already promised to vote for ObamaCare and Cap-and-Trade – without reading either],  when you’re a Kennedy, or even a Reggie Kennedy,  it’s your image that matters.  Screw the facts!

How long before John Ketchup Kerry comes a’calling?   Theresa has cancer and John likes rich senatorial widows.   Maybe there is a way back to the Washington cocktail circuit!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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