Veteran’s Day 2020: Let Us Pray!

Posted November 11th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Let us thank God for those Citizen Soldier who for 245 years stood forth against Empires and Tyrants – to give us Freedom – and bring Freedom to others. 
Dear Lord,  please do not let those few craven,  greedy,  and evil people amongst us squander the gift of Liberty purchased by the service,  courage,  and sacrifice of so many young men and women.   We who understand History Lord,  we who have lived it,   – know that once surrendered or voted away,  Freedom can only be reclaimed by enormous rivers of blood.  

One Response to “Veteran’s Day 2020: Let Us Pray!”

  1. Jim Buba

    The real sad news is that China has been conspiring with U.S. democrats to ‘Fundamentally Change’ these United States since 1949. Ross Terrill outlines the verbal struggle, discussions behind closed doors in Peking that preceded an audience with any foreign dignitary. Ask Australia, if you must, how the up-and-down (again) economic favor(s)/treatment has gone since 1973.

    Then, reflect and refresh your memory in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was elected and annually, throughout, he endowed China with his ‘Most Favored Trading Nation’ baloney that is, still today, the Quid pro Quo traceable all the way back to John Huang.

    I don’t believe people have mustered enough courage to recognize that Voter Fraud has existed in the Several U.S. States, most especially Massachusetts and California since 1978. There is a MA SJC ruling laying the cloak of conspiracy upon the MA State Legislature and Governor, (1978 is close enough), that “… they ARE the People…”, therefore and SINCE, have not allowed ONE change to the Constitution of the Commonwealth to be certified by We the People.

    Pencil-neck Galvin and the Boston Neighborhood ruling MUST GO, the best solution is a State-wide Electoral College, PLUS one Representative from each of the 351 Cities and Towns, each of them likely candidates for Appointees to the State-wide Body of Electors. Only then can Towns like Chelmsford actually have a Representative.

    Armistice Day again. My heart is reminded by my brain of the suffering and deaths of thousands to preserve what is and always has been; despite the nuances and issues that should be corrected by those we elect to pay our bills, The Beacon of Liberty and Freedom.