Very Scary Night In Stow

Posted September 18th, 2013 by Iron Mike

I have seen into a very dark American future,  and I am frightened.
Stow DTC Gun Violence Forum

It was billed as a gun violence forum – by the Stow Democrats.  It was a totally one-sided barrage of propaganda, half-truths, outright lies, served with a total disregard to our US Constitution.  It wasn’t just our 2nd Amendment under attack.  Local Acton boy State Senator Jamie-are-you-gay Eldridge served as ‘moderator’ and master of ceremonies.

The only words we were allowed to speak [4 Stow cops in the back] were the Pledge.

After that, from James Cohen – DTC chair – to a long-winded preacher,  through John Rosenthal [Stop Handgun Violence],  Angus McQuilkin [long-time anti-gun nut], and Brockton state rep Michael Brady, it was 2 long hours of ‘blame guns,  blame the NRA,  blame gun manufactures’.  Gun manufactures were portrayed as glad when mass shootings occur …because every time gun sales go up”.

When you hear somebody like Rosenthal claim to own guns and go duck hunting, – you know they’re trying to trample the 2nd Amendment.  Our founders weren’t thinking about duck hunting when they drafted the 2nd, – they were thinking of an overbearing central government.

Jim Wallace of GOAL had been invited, but called in sick. They made ZERO effort to see if anyone wanted to represent responsible gun owners.

Sitting there and not jumping up may have been the hardest thing I’ve done in years.  When Brady and Eldridge began to discuss having police check private homes for compliance with gun safety laws – a clear violation of our 4th Amendment – several voices shouted out behind me.  Eldridge would entertain no verbal comments or questions.

Written questions were ‘allowed’, but of the 40-50 I saw handed in, – JamieBoy was cherry-picking them.  The evening was 100% controlled.  No opposing or constitutional voices were allowed.  It was like watching a Nazi rally in 1932.

Eldridge is fast becoming one of the most dangerous ‘progressives’ in the state.  He was bullied as a child,  – now enjoys power and bullying others.

The anti-gun folks who came were thrilled with what they heard.  They’ve never been threatened or scared – they quite willing to give up guns they don’t own, – ‘to keep kids safe’.

They haven’t learned that that’s exactly the ploy Hitler used!

If they really want to ‘keep kids safe’ – they’ll put an end to the 1,300,000 abortions performed each year here.  But what they’re really after is government control of our lives – at gunpoint!
Stow Dem Photo

8 Responses to “Very Scary Night In Stow”

  1. Charlie Chapman

    It’s always “To keep kids safe”. Regardless of the fact that all cities and countries where the law abiding citizens have been forcibly dis-armed, the gun violence and murder rates have gone UP! aka Chicago, Honolulu.

  2. Tom

    Just look at the list of the most violent cities in America led by East St. Louis, Illinois, at state with very restrictive gun laws, Washington, DC another restrictive city and the recent massacre at the Washington Navy Yard where the guards are either unarmed or have no ammunition. The aforementioned thanks to an executive order by that great “sportsman” Bill Clinton” in ’93 when he disarmed all guards military posts. The guns are not the problem, the gun grabbers are the problem as they continually violate the Seond Amendment.

  3. Hawk1776

    The left will seize any opportunity, real or imagined, to push an anti-gun agenda. Mike Lupica of the New Your Daily News wrote a blistering commentary on the dangers of the “people hunting” AR-15 rifle as evidenced by the killings at the Washington Navy Yard. The fact that an AR-15 was not used didn’t seem to matter.

    I’ve come to believe that Americans are divided into two categories, liberals and normals. The liberals want everyone to conform to their model. The normals want to work, live, and raise families without big brother’s intervention. Unfortunately 1984 is here, albeit twenty nine years late.

  4. Walter Knight

    It takes a village, and a Village Idiot.

    It’s good liberals are identifying themselves on at least one issue. I noticed a couple Democrat liberal legislators just got recalled in Colorado. That’s a start.

  5. Mike

    At one point during the night, Rosenthal made a comment that innocent until proven guilty was an antiquated idea.

    I’m looking for it in video or audio, but haven’t been able to find a copy of it. Someone mentioned that it was essentially the same testimony as he gave at the state house on Friday, however I haven’t found the transcripts or footage from that, either.


  6. spoonerreincarnated

    Mike, after you left I confronted Eldridge and lambasted him politely but vigorously about the sham “discussion”, listening session”, “panel discussion”, “forum”, or whatever else they advertised it as. If they (legislators) came to listen, they only heard from America’s modern-day NeoNazis and domestic Communists. And the legislative chairman did not attend.

    I told Eldridge that they lied about questions. Yes, they “took” them (on cards), but failed to read or answer any but the softballs that they could use to their advantage. There was no opportunity for anyone in the audience to correct their misinformation or lies (such as Rosenthal stating that our country is a democracy). Rosenthal repeated many of the same 20+ lies that I heard him say the first time I heard him at a forum. The others on the panel were hardly any better.

    The one good thing that came out of the meeting was that a local reporter was one of the several people listening when I challenged Eldridge after the meeting. She caught up with me in the parking lot and seemingly honestly asked me a number of good questions. I don’t know ishe will quote me accurately, but I ended with the comment that, “I would like to thank the five gentlemen tonight because, unfortunately, we are decades too late to hear the same things from Mao Tse-Tung, Adolph Hitler, and Josef Stalin”.


    Thanks for going that extra mile and for your report. I was so upset I took a wrong turn home.

    It really was like being in 1932 Germany, and Eldridge is a pure fascist. Unless we can awaken a LOT of folks quickly, these fools will legislate away our dear-won liberties.

  7. clinton ma tea party

    Where was Rep. NAUGHTON ?

    Answer: Allegedly in DC on ‘military duty’.