Very LOW BAR For Joe Biden Tonight!

Posted September 29th, 2020 by Iron Mike

If our National Village Idiot can just remember what state he’s in,  – and what office he’s running for….

Watch for Biden to curry favor with Chris Wallace by mentioning his dad…

In the beginning the PRINT MEDIA could decide the winner,  – because there was no other way for people to know and judge for themselves….

In 1960,  TV changed all that – and Nixon came on stage looking tired and with his 5 o’clock shadow showing.  He had declined make-up.

When 1968 rolled around,  Nixon took advantage of America’s growing antiwar sentiment – and simply declined to debate Hubert Humphrey,  – and won easily. 

Back then,  California and Vermont were still American states….

In 1980 the Iranian Twelvers owned Jimmy Carter,  – and most Americans were craving a president grounded in reality and common sense…

Fast forward to 2012,  and despite the recent Benghazi Massacre,  – Obama was able to look far more ‘Presidential’ than the ill-prepared and pompous Romney, – who lost to CNN’s Candy Crowley.

RRB hopes Trump will come out swinging,  – both at the corrupt Biden family of Kleptocrats,  – – and at Chris Wallace if he tosses nerf ball questions at Biden.

Biden will be carefully scripted,  – may even have already been given the questions to practice with,…so Trump needs to throw him off his game and make the REAL unstable Joe show himself. 

2 Responses to “Very LOW BAR For Joe Biden Tonight!”

  1. Kojack

    “Watch for Biden to curry favor with Chris Wallace by mentioning his dad…”

    That won’t be necessary, Wallace is a notorious never-Trumper. Garaunteed he will have Biden’s 6.

  2. Jim Buba

    Hey, thanks to Blinky, I now know I have been cheated out of my “Conspicuous Service Medal”