Venezuela Is Starving To Death

Posted May 17th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Obama is itching to go rushing in – but he has no clue what to do.   31 million people are without toilet paper, food, medicine, electricity, and increasingly without hope.
Venezuela empty food stores
But President [military dictator] Nicolas Maduro will use extreme violence to cling to power.  His only alternative is prison or being shot.   The player to watch is Vladimir Putin.

Hugo Chavez at the UN

Back a few years ago the country was ruled by outspokenly brash Socialist bully Hugo Chavez,…who delighted in mocking George Bush.

Veneuela 93 percent drop in money value

But things changed for Venezuela. The price of oil dropped worldwide,  and then Hugo died,…to be replaced by the utterly incompetent Maduro,  – whose only known skill was flinging political opponents into prison.  Now his prisons are full.

Venezuela riot police

During the good years,  Russia cultivated Chavez,  opening an airbase and a naval base there,  – and selling him a giant arms factory to make the latest AK assault rifles.

Now Venezuela can’t pay, and the coming revolution will put both the Russian bases in some jeopardy.

With oil prices low, Putin can’t really afford an expeditionary adventure half-way around the world.  But he can wait for a US misstep,  then go in with a small force to pick up the pieces.  He has two interests, – keeping his bases in our back yard,  – and keeping Venezuelan oil off the world market so Russian oil prices can recover.

What the US doesn’t need is a flood of Venezuelan socialist refugees – used to getting free stuff from Hugo Chavez,…and expecting the same thing here.

But Obama and Hillary will just see them as new Democrat voters….

If you know a young person who is supporting Bernie Sanders – invite them to watch what happens when a socialist regime collapses from institutional corruption and inefficiency.

Venezuelan riots

It sure ain’t pretty;  and it’s likely to produce yet another military dictator.


President Nicolas Maduro with Putin

WHERE do you suppose the term “Banana Republic” came from…?

And WHERE has our CIA been all these past 7 years?

4 Responses to “Venezuela Is Starving To Death”

  1. Panther 6

    Venezuela used to be a beautiful, vibrant country with wonderful people. It did have military coups from time to time but the ARMY basically kept things on an even keel. Oil helped. Then came Chavez and things started falling apart. Chavez knew that the Army would not tolerate too much so he fired, jailed or otherwise removed the leaders of the military replacing them with his own loyal socialists and the country started down hill fast and there was no coup. Now I am not sure what sergeant of corporal has the courage or Moxie to lead a coup. Venezuela is a basket case. Having served in Panama with SF when we had a hand up all across the continent due to John F. Kennedy it is appalling to see what has happened there. Another feather in BO and his minions cap.

  2. Hawk1776

    Venezuela under socialism; Burlington College under Bernieism. The result is the same. I hope Obama doesn’t welcome Venezuela and Cuba as the 58th and 59th states (51 and 52 to everyone else).

  3. Varvara

    Venezuela is not only starving to death, the hospitals have no medicine, no x-ray machines and no incubators. In one day seven (7) infants died. There is very little electricity, only for a few hours a day. There are no beds in the hospitals and patients sleep on the floor.

    Yes, the people have started sliding into the USA.

  4. Sherox

    Panther 6, it somewhat sounds akin to what POTUS is doing here.