VE Day 1945: Joy And Dread!

Posted May 8th, 2018 by Iron Mike

If you know a living WWII veteran – or his widow,  – today would be an ideal time to thank them. You might not get another chance….

There was great joy 73 years ago – the European part of the war was over.  But there was great dread for what lay ahead as thousands of Japanese Kamikaze planes were wrecking havoc with our fleet off Okinawa.

There was great dread amongst the German population, – they knew the Red Army would exact ruthless and brutal revenge.   Every woman in Berlin was raped – several times.  Every woman! Payback is a bitch!

There is no accurate scorecard of the total cost of WWII in lives lost.  Many of the nations involved had never conducted censuses,  – and many armies quickly conscripted troops with little or no written records.

More civilians are believed to have died than troops,  and while medical treatment was fair for some armies,  – others had little or no medical care,  – and even minor wounds would lead to death by infection.

Starvation was rampant.  Death by disease was the norm.

American, British, and Canadian troops who had survived fighting the Germans were in dread of dying fighting Japanese soldiers,  – who it seemed would fight to the death,  – even over worthless islands.

In all – somewhere between 50 million and 80 million people died during the years of WWII, – and in many places that war was quickly followed by brutal revolutions and guerrilla wars.

In China alone Mao’s Communist Revolution culled another 60+ million,  – again many by disease and forced starvation.

Today across much of Russia and the Ukraine,  unknown forgotten battlefields are still being found and the remains of Russian, German, and other soldiers unearthed.

When a Democrat tells you that you don’t need an AR to shoot a deer,  – tell them that it’s not the communist deer we’re worried about!


On Sunday Morning December 7th 1941,  the Japanese Navy conducted a sneak attack on our naval and air bases at Pearl Harbor.

WHAT made the Japanese planners believe that such an attack would lead to success?

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  1. Kojack

    I’ve always wondered how much history would have been changed if we had allowed Hitler to eviscerate the Russians by delaying D-Day and not sending them the arms and other assistance that we did.

    I know the answer to the essay question but it will be entertaining to watch the DEMOCRAPS/REGRESSIVES try to figure it out.