Vanessa Marcotte Should Not Be Dead!

Posted August 9th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Ambushed while jogging near her mother’s home, raped, killed, burned and left naked in the woods.   Why wasn’t she armed?
Jog armed
It happens many times each day across our land – innocent and vulnerable women are set upon by rapists, murderers, and perverts.  Joggers are easy prey!

RIP Bish Levy Vetrano Marcotte

Vanessa Marcotte – Princeton Mass
             Karina Vetrano – NYC
                            Chandra Levy – Washington DC
                                                  Molly Bish – Warren, Mass

Predators are EVERYWHERE!

Do you understand how they operate?

Whether wolves, lions, rapists, or muggers,  – predators are both opportunistic, – and sometimes quite selective – like a leopard or a tiger.

The Petit Family of Cheshire Connecticut were victims of a pair of freshly paroled thugs,  who were very horny,  and followed Mrs. Petit home from the grocery store because she was attractive and they planned to rape her.   Not a gun in the house!
Petit Family

Joggers are easy prey.   Pretty girls – even ugly ones – run past potential rapists and murderers each day. 

Most of the ladies are oblivious,  – but the rapists are watching, noting routes, behavior patterns, carefully stalking their prey to find out where the girl lives,…where her runs ends and she will be the most exhausted….

And he scouts the best place to grab her – near the end of that run…. He wants her too tired to sprint away.

Girls who run listening to music on headphones are much easier targets,  – they almost never see or hear it coming,…and they are in a dazed alter-existence [a runner’s high] on their runs in the days leading up to the attack.

Nobody will hear you

Ladies,  if your weapon – a pistol, or pepper spray isn’t immediately available – you are doomed!

The pistol should be just under your belly button,  the Mace should be in your hand,  – perhaps attached to a running glove.  Put another one under your boob – inside your running bra.

Remember your fight is unlikely to be with an impulsive first-timer.  Inside the last 2 seconds you’ve just gone from a little healthy exercise – to a life-or-death struggle – against a seasoned goon. 

You have about 1 second to save yourself.

mace or pepper spray

And you’re not going to talk the goon out of anything.  He’s been thinking about you for too long.  This is his need for sex and powerover your prior planning.  Who will win?

At this point it doesn’t matter if you know Karate of Kung Fu;  – the guys you NEED to know right now are Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger.


Stupid women,  naïve women,  and liberal women who don’t believe in using violence to stay alive,  – will ~ probably ~ be found by the police cadaver dogs,  – and will not breed any further…..

FINAL THOUGHT: If your attacker is a Muslim youth or man, – he is living in the 7th Century.

He has been taught that since you are out alone – dressed that way,  you are a vile slut who is asking to be raped – even gang raped.

He will show no mercy,  and may likely kill you as Allah’s Punishment when he’s done….

You do know that Obama is flying them in here by the thousands,…right?


UPDATE:  Thurs 23 Feb 2017   Mass State Police have a DNA Profile of the killer:

Evidence from different sources and forensic testing lead investigators to believe that the unidentified suspect was of Hispanic or Latino descent, – about 30, with light to medium complexion and an athletic build.

The suspect would have had some upper body scratches and bruising around the time of the murder. The suspect also would have had access to a dark-colored SUV at around the same time.

Witnesses placed a dark-colored SUV on Brooks Station Road around the time the murder is thought to have occurred. It was parked near where Ms. Marcotte’s body was found.

Wanna bet it turns out to be an illegal alien…?

BREAKING!  Sat 15 April 2017    An arrest has been made!  A man was arrested in Worcester – will be arraigned Tuesday.  No details yet.  Any bets?

BREAKING!  Sat afternoon 15 April 2017    DA names Angelo Colon-Ortiz age 31.   His DNA matches what was under Vanessa’s fingernails!    If ONLY we had the death penalty!


UPDATE:   Tues, 21 Nov 2017   Police solve the murder of jogger Karina Vetrano.   She was jogging UNARMED.


4 Responses to “Vanessa Marcotte Should Not Be Dead!”

  1. Panther 6

    AMEN Mike! Great blog and right on. Carrying even a small light gun on a jog isn’t easily done but Pepper Spray or mace is the way to go. It will save a life and or family and individual grief if a young woman should survive an attack.

    This is good advice. The old saying about don’t resist went out the window when the jihadi’s arrived and society started breaking down.

  2. Hunter556

    Great blog.

  3. Sherox

    Excellent and very true. I hope all women who read this take the words seriously.

  4. Ana

    There are some European countries like mine where women are not allowed to wear or posses a pepper spray or mace.In fact if the police sees you having a pepper spray you can spend 5 years in jail. At the same time rapists rarely get jail punishments longer that 3 years. Sad but true!


    Yep! Much of Europe still suffers the legacy of the kings, Hitler, and the communists – all who wanted their subjects DISARMED!

    Time to elect smarter people to government, and change some laws, – while there is still time, – before you are overrun by Muslims….