Utah Republicans Roundly Boo Romney

Posted May 2nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

The former governor of Massachusetts,  – now loudmouth Senator from Utah,  – Willard Mitt Romney got a rather hostile reception from the Utah Republicans this weekend.  Any second term in 2024 is unlikely….
Gee Willard,  – do you ~ think ~ it might have been your impeachment votes?  VIDEO:

At RRB,  we’re unsure exactly what ‘principles’ Willard abides by,  – but loyalty to Trump (who obliged him with an endorsement in 2018) isn’t one of them.

When he was able to proceed with his prepared remarks he called himself an “old fashioned Republican”.

That drew more boos.

And that triggered Romney:

“Oh yeah,  – you can boo all you like,  but I’ve been a Republican all my life.  My dad was a governor of Michigan,  my dad worked for Republican candidates that he believed in.

I worked for Republicans across the country,  and if you don’t recall,  I was the Republican nominee for President in 2012”

Romney will NEVER get over being beaten by Obama.

A motion before the Convention to censure Romney for his anti-Trump statements and impeachment votes failed 711 to 798 (only got 47%),  – but Romney should still feel soundly rebuked – by the largely Mormon Utah Republicans.   

Come 2024,  they’ll still remember his backstabbing behavior.

One Response to “Utah Republicans Roundly Boo Romney”

  1. panther6

    Romney deserves worse than boos. Recall might work.!!!!!