USS Fitzgerald: The Navy’s Desperate Cover-Up

Posted June 25th, 2018 by Iron Mike

NO, God-damnit!   There are places a woman is nowhere as good or as capable as a man,  – and has no God-Damned business being there.

OOD Lt(JG) Sarah B. Coppock has pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty,  – and received a wrist-slap – pay docked x 3 months and a Punitive Reprimand.  Obama is grinning!

If you thought the June 2017 collision between the Fitzgerald and the ACX Crystal off the coast of Japan was just an ‘ordinary naval accident’ think again.

It was the predictable result of liberal politicians capitalizing on the Tailhook Gathering in Vegas in 1991,  – 27 years ago.  27 years is an entire military career!

As thing develop – despite the Navy’s efforts to keep the shit out of the press,  the three junior officers on duty were a comedy (dark comedy) of errors.  The two females weren’t even talking to each other!  Girl stuff.

As reported many places, the radars on Fitzgerald were so good they could spot a swimmer in the water at a half-mile. Yet somehow NOBODY saw the lumbering Crystal before Fitzgerald cut across her path…?

The Navy initially decided to court-martial the CO, the XO, and the three watch officers,….but to avoid having embarrassing details revealed in open court,  dropped the homicide charges and went for lesser administrative punishment.

Despite Pat Schroeder’s 1991 outrage at the male-dominated culture of our military,  History is filled with blunt examples why military service is hardly “a right” for the weak,  the undersized,  the inept,  or the gender confused.

You don’t send a BOY to do a MAN’S JOB,  – let alone an AA/EEO undersized hormone-flooded woman.

Our military services are filled with undersized, under-qualified troops, NCOs, and officers – at all levels.   Remember Obama’s Pygmy Admiralno combat experience – but promoted over the heads of real warriors to be the Navy’s #2 in command…?


We’ve spent these past 20 years investing in high-tech gear and weapons systems trying to make it possible for small weak women to go into combat against large Arabs,  Russians,  Chinese,  and drug smugglers….

War is Hell, – and even the very best get cut down.   But to have seven (7) sailors killed in their bunks because two undersized,  under-qualified women are having a girl-girl pissing contest, – aboard a navy destroyer underway in a crowded shipping lane…?

The Left for 100+ years has wanted women in our military, – so some could become Generals, – and thus one could run for the presidency.

They NEVER CARED how many were raped or killed along the way, – their single goal was always a WOMAN PRESIDENT!

We seem to be headed for a serious war with China, – likely in the 10 – 20 year time frame.

With a military staffed with munchkin women,  smurfs,  transgenders undergoing reassignment surgery,  and units celebrating gay pride month….

….we will lose!

And for all you outraged feminists:   I’ve witnessed women solders in combat – in Vietnam.  Utterly courageous despite mostly weighing in at under 90 lbs.

But they were being over-run by commies from the north,  – even as our cowardly presidents were sweating out re-election.

Yes,  Israel has lots of women soldier – most of them would make an American millennial boy look like a puke maggot

But Israel is a tiny nation surrounded by homicidal 7th Century psychopaths,  – and their back is to the Mediterranean…. They have no choice.

We by contrast are a nation of 320,000,000 people.   We can EASILY field a nearly 95% male military,  – with ONLY the few seriously qualified women allowed.

UPDATE:   Wed 10 April 2019   US Navy drops Court Martial charges against Skipper – Commander Bryce Benson and Lt Natalie Combs;   SecNAV will issue each a “Letter of Censure” for their roles in the collision that killed 7 sailors.

The Navy calculates that a Court Martial would allow defense lawyers to bring in enough damaging reports and witnesses to PROVE the Navy KNEW they were assigning under-qualified and under-trained females as ship’s officers,  – all in the sake of advancing gender equality in the service.

RRB cannot question the ‘good intentions’ of Combs for wanting to advance herself with a Navy career,  – and it’s not her fault the Navy put her under-qualified young ass into a job she couldn’t handle.

But her girl-girl pissing contest with Lt Coppock proved deadly.

We can sympathize with Commander Benson,  given the thankless task of commanding a destroyer in dangerous crowded waters,  – with only AA/EEO tokens as his key officers….


UPDATE:   Monday, 13 Jan 2020  Yokosuka Japan:  Lt Natalie Combs will NOT receive a dishonorable discharge.  A Board of Inquiry found no reason to force her out of the Navy.  She will be allowed to resign – honorably.

3 Responses to “USS Fitzgerald: The Navy’s Desperate Cover-Up”

  1. Hal Shurtleff

    The military has become a place for social engineering where combat readiness is no longer a concern.


    Sadly Sir, you are 100% correct!

    Once we had combat veterans in our Congress, – men who had lived through HELL, – and who understood full well that the price for weakness and neglect is DEATH.

    As has been our History since the start of the Civil War, – neglected preparation and training, – and an assumption that the last war’s tactics will work today,…always means that young men will die – needlessly.

  2. Leonard Mead

    Courageous words facing politically correct “time for girls to run the Navy” rhetoric.

    Nurturing, lactating, kindly women have few places in armed combat where they can contribute — it seems to me. Their shapely figures distract the men (men ARE men), their inherently weaker bodies subject them to capture and rape, and their disposition as potential mothers seems to me to make it very hard for them to be cruel vicious enemy killers needed in combat.

    Political correctness of liberals creates the un-needed and inexcusable deaths such as you have cited.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative

  3. Sherox

    I don’t care if she is a man, a woman, or other, she ought to have to face the real consequences of her actions.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    It’s way MORE than that Sherox – these munchkin “sailors” were too smalltoo weak to swing close hatches and batten them – to prevent flooding. Just their tiny girl bodies put the crew at risk.

    Hatches (doors) swing easily when the ship is sailing level, but add a little list, and the full weight of the steel needs to be moved to close it. THESE SMURFS COULDN’T DO IT – DIDN’T EVEN TRY.