USS Bonhomme Richard Burning TOO LONG

Posted July 12th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Too many things smell badly about this one,  – a helicopter carrier in for repairs and upgrades,  – suddenly burning…?  An explosion…?

Has the US Navy forgotten how to fight shipboard fires,  – or are there other issues,  – like AA/EEO and badly under-qualified leaders aboard.  We’ll await the findings!

UPDATE: Tues, 14 July 2020  Already there is talk circulating that she may not be salvageable…

UPDATE:  Thur, 16 July 2020    Bonhomme Richard has been evacuated.  She is down by the bow.  At first she was listing to starboard (right),  which was corrected.

Now listing to port (left) over the dock.


UPDATE:   Thursday PM, 27 Aug 2020    As we suspected,  the Navy CID is looking at this fire as ARSON.  A particular sailor has been questioned,  – his home searched.


SAD UPDATE:  Monday, 30 Nov 2020   Secretary of the Navy Kenneth J. Braithwaite announced today the Navy has decided that Bon Homme Richard will take too long (3 – 6 years) and cost too much to repair.  He will be scrapped.

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3 Responses to “USS Bonhomme Richard Burning TOO LONG”

  1. Walter Knight

    Years ago the Bonhomme Richard was docked at Cabo San Lucas. I heard tours were allowed, so my son and I took a ferry boat to get a tour. We landed at the rear of the ship at a huge ramp.

    A marine met us, wanting to know what we were doing? I said I was there to tour the ship. However, the tours were only for Mexican civilians that had adopted a sailor. We were sent back to shore.

    The Bonhomme Richard is impressive, like a mini aircraft carrier for helicopters and marines. I had no idea we had such ships in addition to our carriers.

  2. Hawk

    The ship was undergoing maintenance. Most of the crew were not onboard. I’m willing to bet the maintenance crew made a mistake.

  3. FLICK

    Having been on a ship in the yards, most everyone takes leave to escape the dirt and noise. Minimal crew remain, fire-fighting talent is probably minimal. Plus Yardbirds are union, “not my job?”