US Hands Over Bagram Prison

Posted September 10th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Hundreds of Taliban prisoners set to ‘escape‘.

Once it held thousands of bad-guy Taliban, but the US handed over control of most of the place back in March. Now under full Afghan control, it holds an ~ estimated ~ several hundred.

Soon the deals will be made, money will change hands, – and there will be a massive escape. Worse, they’ll likely be handed AKs as they depart.
It’s right next to our sprawling airbase
.  What do you think they’ll do?

One Response to “US Hands Over Bagram Prison”

  1. Walter Knight

    Actually, I think the Afghan guards will treat the Taliban the way we should have from the start.

    The prisoners will be begging to be returned to Gitmo, where they can play soccer, eat good, and attack our guards without consequence. Few escaped Iraqi custody after the turnover, I expect few to escape Afghan custody. Some may even be executed, something the US will never do.