Urgent Message For Jon Golnik Supporters

Posted September 8th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Many people have told me that Jon’s DUI was “no big deal”.

Maybe, ~ just maybe ~ they should think again . . .

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  1. Tom Gilroy

    As an avid anti-Golnik voter, who votes in every, local, state and national election, I will drink to that!!

  2. Guy Lombardo

    I think perhaps YOU are the ‘closet democrat’. Team Tsongas must love your venom and lies. Looks like you are trying to assure her re election, since Jon Golnik is the only qualified candidate in the race. When Jon wins the primary, where will you go from there? Making calls for Niki?

  3. Renee Aste


    Actually my mother would, she told me this when she decided to vote for Sam in the primary.

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

  4. Renee Aste

    Iron Mike,

    If you don’t mind a reposting of my blog post here.


    The importance of disclosure
    A new You Tube video is out, as a presentation of that Golnik is unfit to be the GOP candidate for the fifth.

    I wonder if people really do understand the importance of this, sure if makes great water cooler talk but really it is serious. I can give a personal example. When I was 25 I had to disclose to the Board of Bar Examiners any prior criminal history, when I applied to take the Bar after law school.

    When I was 21, I received a criminal complaint for ‘hit & run’. What happened was I bumped a car in an UMass Lowell parking lot, got out to check damage with my then boyfriend (now husband) yet believed I caused none, BUT someone called in the UMass Lowell police with a different version and the police tracked me down. They cited me with no arrest.

    What happen was the police ended up dismissing the charges at the first court appearance with a court fee, and in fact I appealed my insurance (on my own w/o a fancy lawyer) and my car insurance rates were reversed back to being a good driver. I had to make copies and disclose this information all to the Bar, because that is what disclosure is all about.

    Now Golnik was in finance, there are certain exams/licenses one needs based on knowledge of ethics and disclosure in his own field through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Disclosure should be something Golnik should understand as when he dealt with finance or with the general public as of now.

    Oh never mind….. he worked with AIG.

    I’m just holding Golnik to the same standards as a new law school graduate and that’s fair game for the media to report on and voters to discuss, if someone wants to run for Congress.

    Golnik is nothing but negative energy and that is all he is running on with, when we have options of candidates who are clearly more positive in their thinking and have something positive to give other then anti-Tsongas propaganda. If for some God forsaken reason Golnik won Tuesday does he think he is going to get any NRCC money?

    Do you think Senator Brown will campaign for him? Senator Brown wouldn’t want to be 30 feet from this guy. Can you imagine Senator Brown being connected to Golnik would be used in 2012 when Brown has to run again? Golnik already did enough damage making all of those Scott Brown veterans on his campaign look like idiots. I can’t believe none of his professional staff asked such a simple question, before they jumped on.

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

  5. Renee Aste

    Not to be technical but actually all four candidates are ‘qualified’ to be on the ballot. The issue is who is not only the best but also able to catch the unenrolled swing voters who vote in the general non-primary elections and gather some positive attention for the GOP nationally.

    Right now Jon Golnik is the Washington circle is a poor candidate considering this from last week from my blog with the post ‘More Questions’


    “The revelation that Golnik failed to disclose the arrest to his supporters this past week even made headlines within Washington publications. The National Journal, a professional publication on campaigns headlined the incident “‘Weed, Beers, and Circus tickets”. One needs a subscription to view the article, I have not read it. I do not know what it speaks of Golnik’s situation. I just know that’s not the impression I want when I send someone to Congress. I feel that’s a fair statement to make. I didn’t put Golnik in this position, he did.

    This is why the failure of Golnik to make known of an arrest record at the beginning of his campaign is so damaging. The parties both Democrat and Republican have the money for such background checks. If the parties knew, how did Golnik think the public wouldn’t find out? If this information was release after the primary, in which Golnik happened to win, it would be obvious it was from the Democrats. So whoever leaked this info timed it accordingly. Who knows it may of even been the Republicans, because they didn’t really back either candidate as of August 27th according to the National Journal.


    I completely understand why he made the plea, rather then fight the charges. I actually praise him for that, because a drug charge would of lost his job. I doubt even if Golnik took the stand in his own defense to deny the pot and rolling papers, that a jury would believe him over the testimony of the arresting police officer.

    This is now, Golnik would of been better admitting to the pot rather then making the claim the police officers made up his voluntary statement or the evidence of having rolling papers in his possession. A congressional candidate making the claim that police officers set him up and lied to create a fictitious drug charge, when they already had him for drunk driving simply doesn’t make sense.

    These are my own personal thoughts and opinions. I feel they are objective in a manner in how I evaluate an individual, and not mean spirited in any way.

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

  6. Renee Aste


    If Golnik won the general election, the 5th district would be cut up and he would have to face an incumbent in 2012, because Massachusetts is losing a congressional seat due to the census. No one likes to admit it, but they are less likely to cut up a district with a woman or a minority, as politically incorrect as it may be. It’s something both the Democrats and the Republicans consider in the larger scheme of things. Remember if it’s Sam Meas that has been getting a lot of positive national exposure and Tsongas is known nation wide as is, while Golnik is a bit of a campaign joke.

    I’m not trying to be mean spirited about that, but rather objective.

    As for Ben’s espionage charge it’s a non-issue for me, I just find it bizarre to be in a defendant’s memo to the court. Jon did the right thing with the plea, there is no way he could of fight the drug charge his testimony vs a police officers. With a drug charge his career in finance would be ruined, I completely understand even sympathetic. I’m just not buying the police made up his statement or the police lied about the rolling papers nine years later.

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

    Links to the National Journal are here
    “Beer, weed, & Circus Tickets”


    on August 27th where the NRCC wasn’t sold that any Republican could win the 5th.


    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

  7. JIm Samuels


    Why do you keep removing Greg Boyd’s posts? He continually makes valid, though obviously with you, unpopular points about Jon. Sounds like the guy has known him for many years. Let him speak. Why do you keep trying to take away his freedom of speech? If you think he’s a fool let him speak and we’ll be the judge.
    Because Greg is a serial comment spammer. He refuses to accept Golnik’s failure to register and vote, his DUI/drug bust, his lying, and his pattern of blaming others. He thinks Jon is qualified to be in Congress because “he’s a good guy”. This adds nothing to the discussion. He was warned.