URGENT! Calling Reverend Al Sharpton!

Posted December 2nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Rev,…can you come down here – quick, please? We’ve had another young Black man shot by a pistol-packin’ white person…
Dorothy Hendrix

He said – she can’t say – anymore….  Seems it was 1 AM, and Dorothy Hendrix was coming home from the (bingo parlor / illegal slot machine parlor) when she was met at her doorstep by

South Carolinathree young people who seemed to know she was carrying a lot of ‘bingo money‘.  Shots were exchanged – not money.

Steven Hagood ended up in the hospital – his stomach ripped open by Dorothy’s bullet.  He’ll likely face a murder charge. 

His best posse members Tereba Geer and Bradacious Galloway were arrested too.  Wanna bet they’ll tell great stories for lower sentences? 

Steven got off a couple of shots – managing to hit Dorothy in the arm and the stomach.  At 76 years old, she didn’t last long. 

She’d learned to shoot just two years ago – after being robbed at home – a case still unsolved.  Maybe we’ve just solved it?
The Slot Parlor
Reverend Al,…I ~ think ~ you could make a case that this elderly white vigilante was out stalking three innocent black kids…?  What’da you think…worth an airplane ticket?  “Justice for the Anderson Trio”?  I’m sure MSNBC will see it your way…

Of course, Hagood’s other problem,…that bench warrant for $80,000 in unpaid child support,…that could lend ‘color’ to the case…
If I Had a SON

3 Responses to “URGENT! Calling Reverend Al Sharpton!”

  1. Tom

    Dorothy stood her ground and paid for it with her life. Had she not, Reverend Al and Jessie and the Gun Grabbers would have been all over Dorothy and the gun she used to protect herself. This was obviously a hate crime because she shot at the black scum, but not a hate crime because they attacked her, but we live in an upside down society

  2. Paul J Baldi

    No problem. Neither Al nor Jessie will show up in SC for
    this. Not the right venue for those two grand phonies.
    Condolences to the Hendrix family for their loss. She
    deserves a medal.

  3. Casey Chapman

    She deserves a day in her honor from the state legislature. We need more like her. Then maybe, just maybe the crooks would think twice. Key word there being maybe.