Up In The Sky – It’s A – – Chinese Missile?

Posted November 10th, 2010 by Iron Mike

The news and my friends are abuzz with the video of what some say is a missile launch 36 miles west of Los Angeles Monday evening.  My short answer – in the tradition of Mark Twain is: “I don’t know!”  The Pentagon is officially puzzled, and some are trying to say it was the contrail of a jet liner.  Yeah, right!  So here is what I think it was:

A Red Chinese submarine-launched JL-2 ballistic missile fired as what we in the military call a demonstration or a show of force.

Well hell Mike, why wouldn’t our Navy be all over this like white on rice?

Because the Pacific Ocean is very big, and we can’t cover all of it.  

Because the Chinese have made tremendous advances in their submarine and missile technology in the past 15 years – thanks to the fact we’re making them rich, and we’re damn near handing them our technology.

Because Obama has ZERO interest in military matters.  Such things are totally beneath him.

Because the Chinese have always taken a multi-generational view of strategy, and they intend to push us out of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Because the Chinese have at least 1,300,000,000 mouths to feed and we look like a big poorly-defended farm to them.

Because with 1,300,000,000 mouths to feed, the Chinese could risk a nuclear exchange with us, lose 300,000,000, and still have a BILLION people left – with every American city a smoking crater.

OK, so why launch a missile right now, and why off the coast of California?

A couple of reasons.  First the Chinese are in some economic and political trouble at home.  While half their people are enjoying a 21st Century industrial lifestyle in the cities along the coast, – the other half is still barefoot in the country.  The last of the old Commies are dying like flies, and with them the religious fervor of Maoism.  There ~ is ~ a chance that modern China could break up into something resembling the ancient kingdoms.  So it is very useful to keep the people focused on a ‘common enemy’ – the USA.

Second:  The Chinese government is really pissed at the Fed’s decision to print $600 billion of monopoly money to buy treasury bonds, – on top of all the borrowing we’ve already done.  In the short term this could leave the Chinese government holding a big empty bag.  

Third:  The Chinese have already sized up Obama.  They probably know more about him than Michelle does, and they are fully aware of his shortfalls and weaknesses.  His Muslim roots and Islamic sympathies worry them because they’re having their own problems with the Muslim part of their own population.  Every time he coddles up to a group of Muslim terrorists – Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qaeda, the Taliban, – it worries and pisses them off.  They surely took notice when he spent only 5 minutes visiting his half-brother there.  It proved to them that he doesn’t really care about anybody.

Fourth:  With Obama going on his Royal Tour – to include their Asian rival India – they wanted to make the point that THEY are the country he should be sucking up to.  They see his extravagant visit to India and Indonesia as being a bit ‘in their face’.  

Think of it this way:  Think about how you would feel if you rented a house to someone like Obama, and he got behind on his rent – by several months – then bought a Cadillac Escalade and went to Atlantic City and Vegas with your credit card?  Would you be saying “WTF?

So, . . . they just got ‘in his face’.   They demonstrated that they can AT WILL destroy two or three dozen American cities – all within minutes.  

How’d they do it?

I’m guessing with one of their newer diesel/electric submarines.  These are ultra-quiet, and even when they need to surface to recharge batteries by running on diesel, only their intake snorkel needs to be above water.  On radar it would be hard to distinguish from any of the junk plastic floating in the ocean.  Simply park off Los Angeles, – wait for orders – shoot a JL-2 from under water – then scoot away a couple of hundred miles and sit on the bottom for a few days.

Then they could sneak back to China undetected by sailing under a returning container ship.

This ‘shot heard ’round the world’ is marketing coup!  Potential customers like Venezuela, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil will take full notice.  Now the Russians will have to try to match this.  Remember back in April 2008 when a Chinese sub managed to slip past the escorts and surface next to the Kitty Hawk?  This is an arms sales race! 

Today China has a new naval hero, but it may be ten years before they tell the story. 

Around the world every military expert and analyst knows that Obama just got a very public bitch-slapping.  The only question is: will Valerie Jarrett tell him?  After all, she is no Condoleezza Rice.   Rahm Emanuel – who would have figured it out – is busy running for mayor in Chicago.

After such a public bitch-slapping, the next two years of foreign policy is going to become increasingly rough on Obama.  Soon the only friends he’ll have overseas will be the terrorist groups, . . . and of course George Soros.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Coming to a shoreline near you. Bigger and stronger with every Happy Meal you buy!

10 Responses to “Up In The Sky – It’s A – – Chinese Missile?”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    While your hypothesis may be very true, there is an island off the coast of California, know as San Nicholas, that is owned and controlled by the US Navy as part of the Pacific Missile Range. The location of the island, about 100 km off the coast, may be too far West to account for this phenomenon and it could just be the contrail of a West bound aircraft. The ChiComs are a very dangerous adversary both economically and militarily and are not to be trusted.

  2. JP

    Sorry, dude, the only submarine capable of launching a JL-2 is not diesel/electric but nuclear — the Type 094 SSBN.

  3. MeMyselfI

    From the JL-2 wiki page:

    The tests happened of JMA/B are listed like below:

    JMA: Land-based tests, 3 times; launched from a base in Shanxi, most likely the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center or nearby; 2001; successful.
    JMB: Sea-based, 8 times; launched near Dalian, by the modified Golf-class diesel-powered ballistic missile submarine; 2002; successful.


    8 sucessful launches from a d/e boat.

  4. Joseph Tan

    IT ID RIDICULOUS to thank that China had launched a missile near the US soil. JUST RIDICULOUS.

    China single nuclear sub was deem inoperative by the PENTAGON.

    This is actually some military contractor – in order to boost business – especially after the REPUBLICAN had taken Congress – – fired some unharmful missile and create a GREAT ALARM, so that Congress may reverse some of the DEEP CUT in the military procurement TO THEIR OWN SELFISH INTEREST at the expense of AMERICAN ECONOMIC GROWTH!!!!

  5. Da Trump Card

    I would have to say this is the best answer Ive seen on the net so far. My friend and I thought of this scenario too. You added a lot more zeal to it and more than likely is exactly what happened. Having friends within the military who work around missles all the time they say this is a missle not a plane. Yep they came in at rush hour in LA lobbed a missle back into the Pacific and are not scooting home under a cargo ship. Makes great sense to me. Pentagram is to afraid to own up that it happend they the best answer is i dont know.. By now they know all right. China is trying to show who is boss in the G-20 Bama blows it the dollar is sunk. Pardon the pun.

  6. Da Trump Card

    As mentioned in this article, in 2007 to the very day a Chinese Sub surfaced by the USS Kitty Hawk just so we knew it was there. Then in 1981 a Russian Sub surfaces off of Coos Head Oregon funny just about the same distance as the Cali sub 35 Miles. Showed itself and then ploop back underwater and back to Russia. Its been done a few times before, so I cant understand why People are buying the plane story.

  7. Uncle Bill

    You are absolutely right on. Having worked for many years with the U.S, Navy as a Rocket Scientist, I can tell you that no airplane I know of including the SR-71 has that kind of acceleration.

  8. arizony

    To Joseph Tan,

    Sounds like you are very busy hating the only party who gives a crap about defending this country. Does that bother you that much? Why?

    Please go back to China. You alarm me.

  9. Alice Cox

    I’m with you. It was no airplane or anything else excet a missle and since we didn’t know anything about I think the one’s who missed the call on this one are by now shaking in their boots and realizing how close we came and how easy it would be.

  10. Alice Cox

    My comment was meant to be a reply to Uncle Bill.