Up-Chuck – You’re No Moses!

Posted January 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Chuck Schumer must have had delusions of Leading his People out of Egypt to the Promised Land,…but he’s no Moses!   Determined to embarrass Trump on his 1-year anniversary – he stopped a Continuing Resolution and shut down the government.

It was a horrible miscalculation.   His followers BOLTED!

Democrats who need to be re-elected this November – (or find REAL JOBS), – suddenly were exposed as caring more about the DACA illegals – than our own troops. 

The DACAs can’t vote – our Troops and their Families CAN!

By 5 PM today (Day 3) it was all over;  32 of Schumer’s Democrats said “Pay the Troops!”

Now Senate Democrats must be wondering if they can ever really trust up-Chuck to lead them anywhere….a 2-day weekend lost in the desert without food or water was a wake-up call for many.

By simple seniority Patrick Leahy (VT),  Dianne Feinstein (CA),  Patty Murray (WA),  Ron Wyden (OR),  and Dick Durbin (IL) are next in line.  They’re all commies.

Each of them holds warped and perverted views of our Constitution;  – views that approach TREASON, – given they’ve all taken an OATH to “uphold, protect, and preserve” that Constitution…

They have become our Domestic Enemies.

The Democrat Party leaders are desperate for those 800,000 DACA kids to be made ‘legal’ – because simple chain migration will turn them into 10 or 15 million more – all registered as Democrat voters.

With interest in Democrat ‘ideals’ dwindling across the land,  the DACA issue is their last chance at relevance – and survival.

2 Responses to “Up-Chuck – You’re No Moses!”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Not to beat a dead horse, but what’s becoming obvious to more and more people –
    • The democrats stand for nothing except income distribution
    • The democrats champion only things that buy them votes – DACA!!!!!!
    • The democrats HATE free market solutions, because then government doesn’t get to employ them, pay them, try to fix things, and in the process screw things up – requiring MORE government to clean up the self-made mess.

    Trump played them like a fiddle during the “shutdown” which completely BACKFIRED.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  2. Walter Knight

    President Trump is going to let his record of achievement speak for itself during upcoming elections and in 2020. Because of social media people are more informed than ever before. The mainstream liberal media has completion for the news we are allowed to view. The only question is whether more news information options can trump identity politics.