Univision Exposed Fast & Furious

Posted October 1st, 2012 by Iron Mike

Spanish-language TV Network UniVision makes our MSM look like Obama staffers [we think they are] by exposing the dirty secrets of Fast & Furious – the Obama gun-smuggling scheme which backfired.

I watched part of it last night [couldn’t get the English sub-titles to work] – but saw enough to be very proud of the Univision reporters. They went where our craven MSM reporters won’t go.

What Americans and Mexicans need to understand is that the Obama Cartel was willing to let hundreds – even thousands – of Mexicans be killed – simply so they could start outlawing guns here in the US.  To them, dead Mexicans were mere collateral damage, – the means to an end.

NOTE: We’ve updated the video – the first copy was causing problems.  Sorry!



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