Unions Exert Muscle… and win!

Posted November 16th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

Take ’em out of the oven, they’re done.

Well, they won… and then lost everything.  They exerted their muscle over Hostess and shut Hostess down.  For good.

It’s a shame.  Their all-powerful union just played a game of brinksmanship and they all lost their jobs.  Does anyone wonder if the union bosses will lose their pay, or even a night’s sleep over this?


I wonder if the workers even knew what the stakes were?  It’s tough to risk it all for a few bucks an hour.  But, that’s the union way.  When will workers ever learn?  Don’t hold your breath.  rr




2 Responses to “Unions Exert Muscle… and win!”

  1. Iron Mike

    It was nearly half my life ago – I dealt with the BC&T in Greenwich, CT – their now-VP Thibodeau was their New England head goon back then.

    The union was quite willing to put our bakery out of business, except most of our hourly folks had such minimal transferable skills or English abilities that in the end reason prevailed. I did have a bullet-proof guard shack built after union goons killed a guard at the Stanley Works.

    I’ve got a hunch that Thibodeau was expecting Obama to come flying in with a ‘Twinkies are too big to fail bailout‘. Bubba would have, he loved Twinkies. O might have been tempted, but Menu-Mistress Michelle would have stopped him cold; – her personal war on Twinkies.

    Union suicide. Now they’ll be on 99 weeks of unemployment – and be an issue in the 2014 mid-terms.

  2. Walter Knight

    If there is any good news in the demise of Hostess, it is the diminishing of the Twinkie Defence (blaming your crimes on a sugar rush).

    No matter future Obama Supreme Court appointments, the Twinkie Defence is doomed, even in San Francisco.