Union Teachers: Our Enemy Within

Posted July 2nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

I remember fondly the teachers from my youth,  – men who had fought across North Africa,  up Sicily and Italy,  and into Nazi France – all the way to the Elbe.  Others has served in the Pacific, – landed on dozens of beaches,  sailed thousands of ships – and ended up walking the bombed-out streets of Tokyo.  Then many of them went to fight commies in Korea.   They were heroes!

Today the commies are in the Halls of Congress,  while others carry union cards as they attempt to brainwash our kids with the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory.  These modern teachers are not simply ‘useful idiots’,  – they are communist guerrilla soldiers on a mission to destroy our Republic from within.

NEA dues for their 3,000,000+ members range from $234 to $897 (to the state chapters) PLUS the $189 national kick-in.

Do you really think – for even a moment – that Pringle,  Weingarten,  Jill Biden,  – or China Joe himself gives a DAMN about America’s school kids?  Particularly Black and Hispanic kids…?

REALLY?  When and where have you heard any Democrap with a plan to keep Black kids from dropping out of school to have welfare babies?

When and where have you heard a Democrap demand TOUGHER test scores for kids to pass 8th grade and graduate high school?

WHEN have you met a high school teacher who could tell you about the origins and causes of World War One?

If you’re living in a comfortable community – and paying obscene property taxes to keep your school full of well-paid union teachers,…what are you getting for it?

Can your local store cashier make proper change – without looking at the screen?   

Try giving them the extra pennies next time…

Our American Republic was established by bitter and painful trial and error,  – where those who were lazy and sloppy literally died of starvation,  – or were ambushed and killed by hostile indians.

Every word in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution was written in the blood of those who survived,  – and in the memory of those who perished.

Today’s modern union teachers – who never carried a rifle toward the sound of gunfire,  – are trying to destroy the very system that lets them behave like treasonous assholes.



In the short term – attend your local school board meetings and speak out.  DEMAND an immediate return to American values and American History.  THREATEN to vote the traitors out!

Run for your local school boards.  Be the agent of sanity!

VOTE the traitors OUT!   FIRE the evil teachers,  – and if there is a strike – so be it!   Replace the corrupt, inept, and communist teachers with qualified patriots.

Starting immediately – home-school your kids and grandkids in US and World History – starting with the year 1900 – and the race for empires by the great powers.

YOU be the person who step-by-step shows them that Socialism and Communism has FAILED every time it was tried.   ARM them with the TRUTH.   And teach them to SHOOT!


There may be a Civil War coming.

3 Responses to “Union Teachers: Our Enemy Within”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    We are already IN a civil war – it’s just that, to THIS point, only one side has taken up arms at all. That side being the LEFTIST “useful idiot” thugs, and the arms are bully arms – clubs, torches, Molotov Cocktails, bike locks, and large violent crowds. And so far, they’re mainly only damaging the property of the same people who would otherwise sympathize with them.

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    They are indeed the “useful idiots” the communist’s cannon fodder – the fanatical young fools who will fling themselves on the barbed wire – so the shock troops can run over their bullet-riddled bodies to the objectives.

    Red Army Penal Battalions
    Stalin had his penal battalions, convicts, retards, and undisciplined troops who were issued limited ammo – and ordered to dig in and resist to the last man, – because behind them were interlocked machine guns ready to cut them down if they retreated.

    A few were “redeemed by blood” and returned to regular Red Army service. Others were lined up to receive medals – and executed.

  2. John Jaeger

    May I pass on the entire text of Iron Mike’s essay to friends and readers of my websites and emails?

    This is a great website.

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    TY John,

    Look at the bottom of the sidebar. Anything and EVERYthing you find here is yours to use!

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    Critical Race Theory is discriminatory and divisive, it does not unify, it divides Americans. CRT views the world through the lens of “whiteness” and white racism. This dangerous theory has been injected into government agencies, public school systems, teacher training programs in the form of diversity training, and our military.
    Teacher’s unions are dangerous, they have been destroying our schools for many years. Parents all over the country are mobilizing against this racially divisive curriculum in public schools, and employees are speaking out against this re-education in the workplace.
    Progressive politicians are implementing “antiracist” policies, dividing Americans into racial categories of “oppressor” and “oppressed”. Schools are subjecting white teachers to “anti-racist therapy” and collective guilt and encouraging shaming of white students. The theory maintains that America is an irredeemably racist nation. Schools no longer teach our history or what it is to be an American. At the head of all this is President Biden and his race baiting socialists driving a very dangerous agenda for our country.
    The pushback that has already begun in many states and school boards across the country must become fierce, determined and relentless. We must fight this catastrophe!