Union Goons For McGovern

Posted October 28th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Once Again A Sad Story About Union Guys [and Gals]

There was a 3-way congressional debate held at the Northborough Senior Center hosted by the TEA Party.  The debate itself was outstanding and a worthy event.  What happened outside was a sad but telling picture of the manipulation of union labor – and their families.

The Northborough TEA Party – ably led by that feisty Irish leprechaun John O’Mara – held a classy 3-way debate between 14-year incumbent Socialist Jim McGovern [aka McGovernment], Independent Patrick Barron, and Republican Marty Lamb.

In 90 barbed minutes, Lamb came away the clear winner, as McGovern rather defiantly defended his record of voting us into $14 Trillion of debt.  He still defends his previous remarks that “the Constitution is wrong”;  a mainstay of Progressive ideology.  He mainly blamed obstructionist Republicans and G W Bush.  His plan to solve the unemployment and debt problem?  You guessed it, – borrow, spend, and tax some more, and ~ hope ~ something works.

My story is about what happened outside.  

I arrived early and got a good parking place.  McGovern folks were already in place.  I scoped out the place and set up my drum.  Over the next two hours the Lamb supporters were totally outnumbered as hundreds of union hardhats and their families – including grandmas and kids – streamed in to be issued a sign.  The police estimated 800 in all, some at the base of the hill doing their best to obstruct traffic.  There was some real bullying going on, and this is a big TY to the Northborough PD, who stopped it several times.

The drum was doing it’s job of equalizing the impact of their numbers.  One hardhat became so frustrated he threw a dollar at my feet “Go buy some f***ing lessons”.  I guess for a mere dollar he felt it would be OK if I used a non-union music instructor?

But curiosity and my winning charm got to many of them.

They’d come over to see what was on the drumhead.  I’d ask them if they knew any of the four pictured individuals.  “Nope” was the typical response – from at least fifty of them.  

“Whose sign are you holding?” I’d ask them.  


“Do you see him here?”

   “I don’t know him.

Let me be fair.  Many of these guys – and gals – work in heavy construction, and much of that is government infrastructure, i.e. our tax dollars at work.  To them McGovernment means work.

But to stand for two or three hours holding a sign based on orders from your union steward – not knowing the candidate by sight, and not knowing his positions?  Wow!  This is why union people are so easily manipulated.  They don’t read newspapers, they don’t watch the news, and if they have computers – they’re looking at porn.  

I'm in the red t-shirt at the base of the flagpole.

Many were literally afraid to take my RRB business card for fear a steward would rebuke them, even keep them off a job.  These men truly feel that it is the union that feeds them.

Until Republicans can figure a way to reach these union hardhats with a compelling message, they will continue to vote and act en masse as ordered by the Democrat / Progressive / union machine. 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Footnote:  At a LWV [socialists] sponsored debate on Oct 13th , there was no Pledge of Allegiance and indeed the flag was removed.  The TEA Party saw the issue differently.  They had seven flags on stage and a young Marine Corporal in dress blues fresh back from Iraq leading the Pledge.   

2 Responses to “Union Goons For McGovern”

  1. Peri Lamb

    Iron Mike!! What a great story. You assessed the evening exactly as it happened. Thank you for your frank reporting.

  2. BelieveinUSA

    You left out the part that the crowd holding McGovern signs who weren’t going in to hear the debate, tried to disrupt the debate by holding signs in all the windows behind the candidates. The Northboro police had to control that. It looked like the police officer had to get backup to help him. Where was the news about that crowd trying to incite trouble? All you hear about is how bad the Tea Party is.
    You are totally correct. Sadly the history of organized labor in the USA – and elsewhere – is full of threats, thuggery, violence, arson, bombings, beatings, and murder.

    Worse, most labor unions have visible or invisible ties to organized crime. Union stewards are also often Mafia soldiers. Thus the real fear the rank and file have of their members. They know what steps will be taken if they ‘misbehave’.

    There remains widespread speculation that when Attorney General Bobby Kennedy went after organized labor – the Teamsters in particular – he was violating a truce and a deal his father Joe had to get his son Jack elected. The unions had delivered the Chicago vote, now they were being investigated. So one version of the assassination is that it was a mob hit. I doubt we’ll ever know.

    Beyond that background, young union officials go to schools to learn how to stir up and direct members in street action, either on a job site like a strike, or in a political action like Tuesday night – where the clear intent was to intimidate opposing candidates and opposing voters.

    It was sheer thuggery – directed by the union leaders. And it’s fairly easy to get folks in a crowd situation to move over the line into a mob situation. That’s why we now have cops at sporting events, – even high school events. Things can get ugly quickly, even without agent provocateurs.

    Thanks for clicking into RRB, and come back often.

    /s/ Iron Mike