Unemployment UP: Now 8.3%

Posted August 3rd, 2012 by Iron Mike

Only 163,000 new jobs in Q2!

You built that
– all by yourself Obama!

Folks, there is only one logical way to read this,…business owners are waiting patiently until you vote Obama and his Spendocrats OUT.

Until then, they’re not investing another dime in new projects or new hiring. They just cannot trust this current federal government.

Given the number who have given up, and those who are seriously underemployed, – what do you suppose the REAL UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBER is?  
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5 Responses to “Unemployment UP: Now 8.3%”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    My guess the real rate is 15%.

  2. Sue

    The U-6 number, the real unemployment number, went up from 14.9 to 15.0.ZEF

  3. Karen G

    You couldn’t be more correct. At our business, WHICH, despite local, state, and federal government obstacles, WE BUILT ALL BY OURSELVES, we’re all doing the work of two to three people just to get by.

    We used to employ dozens of local citizens, aged 15 to 75. Now, thanks to burgeoning health care costs, fuel costs, insurance, and a crappy economy, etc, we’ve cut hiring to the bare minimum…

  4. TIm

    It’s funny how you claim Obama and the democrats in the house to be big spenders when in fact, Obama has had the lowest rate of federal spending since President Ike was in office. Also I would like to point out that currently that the Congress approval rating is right now between 4%-15% depending on the source. Yet the majority of congressmen are Republicans….silent majority my ass.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>————<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Simple math Tim; Obama raised our national Debt by $5 TRILLION in just 3 years! He squandered money on bailouts of companys that should have been allowed to file bankruptcy, and loans to 'green companys' - that were really passing it to his campaign donors BEFORE they went BANKRUPT.

    Have you EVER seen the US Debt Clock?
    Take a look: http://www.usdebtclock.org/

  5. TIm

    I think you’re getting Obama confused with Bush. It was Bush that signed the stimulus and its Bush’s policies that continue to raise our national debt. Obama actually cut the one of Bush’s stimulus from 700 billion to 450 billion. And maybe we all wouldnt be here complaining about debt if Romney and other ultra rich Americans learned to pay their taxes. Romney has paid almost no taxes to the American government for almost 12 years and holds money in multiple offshore accounts. Is that really the behavior you want coming from a presidential candidate? Also I dont know you’re such a Romney supporter when I know for a fact you’re in the same tax bracket as I am. Play around with this little tool Mike. http://www.barackobama.com/tax-calculator/. Romney wants Middle America to pay the taxes that the ultra rich wont.