Understanding The REAL FIGHT We’re In

Posted May 11th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Wake up Americans! If you think the biggest battle we’re facing today is a trade agreement with China and the 2020 election,…you’re totally blind to the evidence right in front of you.

We’re in the beginning days of a struggle over 100,000 years old – as old as mankind itself,…and your children and grandchildren may well be killed in the fights to come.

Scientists (real ones) have long known about migration patterns, ice ages, and the rise and fall of sea levels over eons.  In your local public schools this knowledge is being ignored or buried under the propaganda of “Gas-Guzzling SUVs and man-made Global Warming”.

There’s an agenda afoot,  and you need to understand it.

The term “Globalists” means a lot more than cutting down trade barriers and shifting to a single world currency.

It is a philosophy deeply rooted in the mistaken belief that White Christian people have long been “a force for evil” around the globe,  – continue to oppress people of color,  – and that the only real solution is to breed out the ‘whiteness’ from Europeans and North Americans.

THIS is the real key why modern “Democrats” (Globalists) want our Southern Border kept open, and immigration quotas from South Asia eliminated,…under the guise “we need the workers!”



CHINA:   China is the 21st Century Military / Industrial / Population giant that intends to control the world.  They don’t need to ‘rule’ the world,  so long as they control the currency and can turn places like the USA, Canada, and the Ukraine into food-producing vassal states, – while insuring an uninterrupted flow of petroleum from the Middle East and raw materials from Africa.

Near-term they are building a blue-water navy to push us out of the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, and a Space / Cyber force to essentially neuter us at the flip of a switch.

And as their factories developed, – as they produced boatloads of low-cost replacement “aftermarket” parts, America’s factories emptied and our manufacturing towns turned into drug-ravaged poverty zones, – unable to effectively police themselves. Their long-term plan to own us has been working.

How ruthless are these Chinese?   Remember that they killed 60,000,000 of their own people – mostly by taking all their food and starving them to death, – to the point where starving families would trade babies – to be eaten…


THE AZTECS: From Mexico and Central America we’re watching unending hordes of Aztec peasants stream north to claim “Refugee Status” – and to resettle the American Southwest – what they refer to as “the Reconquista of the Stolen Lands” or Atzlan.

To understand what life would be like in a reconquered California or Arizona,  you need only look south into the Mexican border states,  – where the police are the uniformed thugs of the drug cartels, – and honest cops get beheaded and left by the roadside.



THE MUSLIMS:  Most Americans living today – even after 9/11,  still believe that Islam is “just another of the World’s great religions”. Hardly!

But then,  for these past 60+ years union school teachers have worked hard to miseducate America’s impressionable children,  as both parents worked and left teaching History to those untrustworthy teachers.

So today 90% of Americans know nothing of the Muslim conquests of Africa, Europe, and South Asia. 

Likewise, ignorant Americans don’t know about “female circumcision” aka genital mutilation.  A cult that sees women only as pleasure vessels and breeding stock doesn’t want them to enjoy sex – simply submit to it – ON DEMAND!

This video will explain just a little of the 800 year struggle (constant bloody battles) to kick the Muslims out of Spain.

Today,  500 years later, – Europe is again being overrun by Muslims,  and when it happens they’ll gain access to England and France’s nuclear weapons. Then they’ll come for us.

If Democrats (Globalists) can retain control of the US House in November 2020, – or worse – gain either the White House or the US Senate, the Aztecs will have a WIDE OPEN SOUTHERN BORDER to walk across by the MILLIONS and DEMAND their welfare packages,  and then your homes.

These same Globalists will be working to dry up your ammo supplies and outlaw your existing firearms, – leaving you helpless to home invasions.


THE FUTURE OF BLACK AMERICANS:  At one point in America’s dark history – it was a crime to teach a Black Slave to read.  Given the sorry state of America’s inner-city schools, – you’d think that somehow it’s still a crime, because teachers aren’t doing it.

Today the majority of America’s Blacks are welfare-bound voting slaves of the Democrat Party – that same Democrat party founded to keep slavery legal in our southern states.

But Blacks need to look closely at History to understand they have always been taken as slaves – for as long as History has records – 8 or 9,000 years across North Africa and the Middle East. If Jews built the Pyramids, – then Black Slaves quarried the stone.

And if Blacks today want ‘reparations’ for slavery in America, – they should first study the slave trade from East Africa to South Asia.

America’s Blacks – especially the Black Muslims, – would do well to ponder WHO IT WAS that rounded their ancestors up in West African ports (often paying local tribesmen to capture them) and who then sold them to the captains of the slave ships. Research “Triangle Trade”…and wake up!

The BIG QUESTION for America’s Blacks is: How many more generations of Blacks will live in the Democrat’s designated inner-city voter ghettos, – believing that the Democrats have their ‘welfare’ at heart…?

How many more Black Welfare Pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will they support with their donations…?



The Chinese Trade Delegation came to DC this past week, – thinking that Trump & Company would cave – just like all past presidents had caved,  – calling a photo-op and a meaningless ‘deal’ a political victory….enough for re-election….

But Trump isn’t like the others!   He understands their long-term domination game,  – and he understands we MUST REBUILD our own MANUFACTURING POWER, or our nation is doomed.

We must have a BORDER WALL,  – just as the ancient Chinese did,…just as the Vatican still does today…or we will be over-run and exterminated.

YOU must understand that “Democrats” aren’t just ‘that other political party‘,  – they are the Domestic Enemies of our Constitution and our way of life!

Arm yourself.  Stockpile ammo.  Teach your kids!

5 Responses to “Understanding The REAL FIGHT We’re In”

  1. panther 6

    Mike; Scary but realistic analysis of what history has shown us and what is going on now. Sadly, most Americans can’t see it, or don’t want to see it, – and just want to continue enjoying the good life. In many circles you would be termed an Islamophobe or a racist; – well the truth is the truth – so be it. Thanks for your candor.

  2. Sue

    A very succinct, educational post, Mike. Scary as anything but accurate I am sure. People need to read this and wake up.

  3. Kojack

    The irony is that 500 years ago, the muslims tried to take Europe by force NOW THEY ARE BROUGHT IN BY THE GLOBALISTS!!! The only bright spots are Israel and eastern Europe i.e. Poland, Lithuania, etc.

    Recently Saudi Arabia asked the president of Poland (per Katie Hopkins) if they could build a mosque in Warsaw. He replied yes as soon as a cathedral could be built in Riyadh. Go Poland!!!

  4. CharlieN

    Your analysis is correct. Amazing that no one can see it happening. The Dems are very short term thinkers and only care about winning elections now and not about the fate of our nation.

  5. Catherine

    Another bit about the Chinese: they have records that go back about 5,000 years. They also have a long history of watching stars, sun, climate. They know historically what signs presage climate changes (HINT to agw nincompoops – it’s the SUN) and know where the country’s farmlands are trashed (and, in a few cases, helped) with temperature DOWNturns. They want food sources, under THEIR control. In history, these climate cool times have caused the overthrow of dynasties. The rulers in charge DO NOT WANT THAT to happen this time.