Understanding The Mongolian NorK Runt

Posted November 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Kim Jong-un is the quintessential Mongolian Warlord in every sense of the meaning,  – utterly ruthless,  – and knowing that at all times his own warriors will slay him if he is seen as weak.

They may like him,  – or fear him on a personal level;  – but their position and their family survival depends on having a strong, wise, and fearless leader.  Should he appear to falter – and place their own lifestyles in jeopardy – they will unsheathe their daggers!

In the 13th Century – Mongol hordes descended on Korea – conquered it – and prepared to invade Japan.

During the 13th Century Mongol Conquests, the armies of Ginghis Khan and his sons and grandsons may have killed as many as 40 million people11% of the World’s population.

The Japanese would later rule – and plunder – Korea from 1910 – 1945.  The DNA of both conquers is in Korea’s blood.

Today under Kim Jong-un – the NorKs seem hell-bent on building enough crude nuclear bombs – and long-rang missiles – to attack and cripple the United States.  They are likely working in partnership with Russia, China and Iran,…and maybe Cuba.

One might wonder if any of Kim’s generals have either the wisdom or courage to suggest another less belligerent path….but that’s not in their DNA.

And,…none of these NorK generals is old enough to remember the Korean War.  They were babies at best.

None have fought a war,  – just the ongoing 64-year long stalemate at the DMZ.   So they don’t have any idea what it’s like to have their own lands over-run – or their own troops slaughtered in great numbers,  – as happened to Saddam Hussein.

They may actually believe they can neutralize the United States.

You have to wonder…how many ‘traitors’ got turned in so each of these guys could move up the food chain…?

4 Responses to “Understanding The Mongolian NorK Runt”

  1. Joe Ureneck

    Tyrant or not (plenty of them around in the world) we should butt out of NK. They want a peace treaty, we do not, and so want nukes to deter us from attacking them. Makes perfect sense for any government in its position. Not one American should die in a Korean civil war.

  2. Vince

    We need to neutralize NK…..

  3. Kojack

    We CAN’T AFFORD to be the world’s policeman but we SHOULD SUPPORT our allies.

    We should re-introduce tactical nukes back into S Korea and continue engaging in military exercises with them but pull our troops out and the same with Japan and our other allies in SE Asia. It’s time for our allies to pony-up in blood and treasure for their own defense.

    It’s also time for us TO GET OUT OF THE U.N. which has devolved into nothing more than an anti-American/anti-Israel world club for 3rd world dictatorships and KICK THE UN OUT OF THE U.S. The U.N. along with Truman gave us the NORK problem we have today.

  4. Panther 6

    Agree with Kojack,,,,he nailed it. Although we should support folks we have treaties with they need to share more of the burden and the UN can go set up house in maybe Niger and they can then interface with ISIS.

    By the way, Goodell and the “KNEELERS” want social justice for blacks…then Goodell and all of those pampered idiot players should accept a salary of around $50 thousand,,,,that would be social justice and put them in the same dollar league as the folks they say are mistreating and abusing their fellow blacks. Just my midget opinion.