Understanding The China Trade War

Posted December 6th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The arrest in Canada of Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei is being portrayed in our left-wing media as a Trump Blunder,  – and the direct cause of a new trade war.

Hardly!  But the simpletons will buy into it,  – because they been conditioned for generations to Blame Eisenhower,  – Blame Nixon,  – Blame Bush,  – and now Blame Trump!

The truth is that you’re to blame (in part)….

Every shirt, tie, dress, blouse, pair of shoes and replacement car part you bought for two decades with that Made in China label – you made China STRONGER,  and made the USA WEAKER and deeper in DEBT.

We paid to keep the world free from Russians and Saddam Hussein,  and lately from ISIS,….while the Chinese military grew and they built artificial islands in the South China Sea….

.and they cultivated wonderful deals for raw materials, oil,  and military bases in the Middle East, in Africa, and across Central and South America.

If you don’t understand Geography, Economics, and Finance,…you haven’t paid attention to the danger signals…..

Democrats told you that Man Made Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide were going to wipe out whole species of animals – and then us….

So you bought solar panels for your house – and you drive a Prius.

While the Chinese were building submarines and an aircraft carrier,  and selling their goods to anybody who would buy from THEM – and not from US,…

…as our factories slowly shut down and moved to Asia,….leaving Americans unemployed and dependent upon the Government for an EBT card.

Then came the Obama Administration and those foreign relations geniuses Hillary Clinton and John Kerry….

Who made a “Nuclear Deal” with Iran…..

.which Iran promptly broke – AFTER they had our cash….

So Trump – being a good American – reimposed sanctions,…and the Chinese telecoms company Huawei (the Chinese needing Iranian oil) – bypassed.

Trump asked the Canadians to arrest her last Saturday.

The beautiful Chinese Bride of your dreams….?

The Chinese are pissed, – they need that Iranian oil,  – and our stock market is seeing a big sell-off as skittish investors panic….

Are there more issues at stake?  OF COURSE!

In many ways China is like Japan and England – those are island nations that tried to make it as manufacturing giants,  – but who LACKED raw materials….

China too lacks oil,  certain raw materials,  and enough arable land to feed its 1,300,000,000 hungry mouths.

They either let their own people starve (again), or they import about 50% of their food and 90% of their fuel into their east coast harbors.

And without cash,  they must trade in cheap goods copycatted from America.  So the theft of our intellectual property has been an open secret for decades.

And that mean old Trump says it has to stop!  Damn him!

In the long run,  China is looking at OUR farmland – our vast open spaces as places for them to grow enough food for China in the 21st Century.   If they let Chinese families have two babies,  they will starve without American food.   They’ve been buying up farmland for 20 years.

Your children will be damned lucky to get $15.oo/hour to work their farms,  – when prison labor is so much cheaper….

Remember, Democrats are dead set against you owning an AR-15!

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UPDATE:    Friday, 24 Sept 2021    Now China Joe Biden is pResident…

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