Understanding The Anti-Trump Tactics

Posted March 30th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The ‘Movement’ is NOT spontaneous!   Bill Whittle again produces another outstanding and historically correct Firewall video to help you see through the media smoke screen….
Free Speech vs Hate Speech
By now regular RRB readers are fully aware the “media” is misleading and deceiving you – on a daily basis.

Arizona trump roadblock

Things like this roadblock in Arizona are often NOT what they appear to be,…but the ‘media’ is in on the game plan, – so they’ll spin the story line [in this case] that:

“…Trump’s rhetoric inspires people to become violent…”.

Soros employee and former Wesleyan University student – and Mexican citizen Jacinta Gonzalez is a Soros employee and PAID Protester.

Jacinta Gonzalez

Since this roadblock the Soros media have spun the story that Gonzales was arrested and turned over to ICE “because of her Mexican last name”….

No mention of blocking interstate traffic for hours….

Note the irony; – that Hitler was part-Jewish, – Soros is Jewish [and worked during WWII for the Nazis], and that both employ goons….

Our Founders never envisioned a time when the Press would sell us out and turn against our country….

7 Responses to “Understanding The Anti-Trump Tactics”

  1. Walter Knight

    The rent-a-mob advertises in New York on Craig’s list for protesters to demonstrate at Trump’s buildings.

  2. Sherox

    Walter, please post the links. Thank you.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    The invidious bought and paid for anti Trump rhetoric will continue, up and until it is decided that there will be a contested convention. The will of the people be damned, it’s all about what the establishment and their buddies on K and M street want. Their control of your Government is far more important that the will of the people in this Republic.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    More on political correctness…. So, Matt Lauer asks Trump if, as president, he’did tolerate a member of his staff, his chief-of-staff, speaking to the American people and intentionally misleading us about a situation. Hell, this president and his minions do this on a daily basis! And let us not forget the liar-for-life whose pants on fire history is more of a pantsuit on fire history. Would Trump tolerate…..? How absurd a question. And the guy gets paid millions of dollars a year….. Drive on Mr. Trump. Your lack of political correctness might just be what America needs to get its head out of its third point of contact!

  5. William Clark

    Wonder how much Mitt Romney is getting paid by the GOP. Does anyone think Sarah Palin didn’t get a pay check for an endorsement, after the Meth speech they sent her home to be with Todd and his skinned knee. Was that look on Christie Cream’s face when he just realized he was standing behind Drumpf for free, priceless. The convention is in Cleveland, Protests inside, outside, could get interesting. I still want “The Donald” to hang in there, still nobody talking about the impossibility of a GOP 270. Where can I get an altered American flag pin with a gold elephant on it, might be a collectable in a few years when the party splits. I’ll bet the gun shops sell them.
    Willie, you are a truly despicable turd!

    Todd Palin’s “skinned knee”? Actually 7 broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and damaged lung.

    But since you are the self-appointed EXPERT on all things DEMOCRAT,…

    – please tell us how Hillary’s interview with Jim Comey will go,…and who is to blame for Bernie being somehow LEFT OFF the DC Democrat Primary ballot…?

    And,…what would you know about gun shops? You Connecticut Democrats aren’t allowed to own them.

  6. kojack

    @Willie – and while your at it, maybe you could also explain how all the “free” college (and other bribes) promised by Bernie the Communist and Hillary Rotten will be paid for. Oh, one more thing, please tell us how you would explain your support of the Hildebeast (the co-creator of ISIS) to the families of Sean Smith, Ty Woods, Glen Dougherty and Ambassador Chris Stevens.

  7. GreenBeretLTC

    Bubba should like this babe…..