Under-Powered Ambassador McFaul – QUITS!

Posted February 5th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Michael McFaul discovers Russians really are thugs.  And they don’t like us, – don’t trust us, – and really don’t respect us any more.Don't send a boy

When your bosses are spineless liars like Hillary, Lurch, and Obama,  – you have few options left.

McFaul is quitting.

McFaul is a typical know-it-all liberal – Stanford and Oxford – who actually studied in Russia.  But his judgment should have been in question early on – he was once a foreign policy advisor to John Edwards. ‘Nough said?

Sworn in by Hillary

He’d been touted [until now] as ‘a foremost scholar on post-communist Russia‘.   Somehow McFaul didn’t grasp a key fact – Russia is still a de facto dictatorship run by Vladimir Putin.

I'll have more flexibilityThese past five (5) years have been a disaster for US – Russian relations.  Obama is a blundering arrogant fool, and Putin plays him like a yo-yo.   Remember when Obama promised he’d ‘have more flexibility’ – after his re-election?

Last year that ‘flexibility’ included Obama’s attempt to look like a world leader by bombing Russia’s client Syria – on the pretext that Syria was using chemical weapons.  

Now it’s pretty clear that both Syria and the al Qaeda-led rebels are using chemical weapons.

McFaul with Obama

So McFaul was caught between his academic views of ‘modern Russia’ – and the reality of his dishonest bosses and the iron will of Putin.

And he committed a series of  undiplomatic blunders, – like posting stupid blogs. And getting into arguments with Russian reporters.  As an amateur – he never saw the set-up coming…

McFaul will need a job….   CNN should be interested, – they’ve recently lowered their standards.

Who Obama picks to replace McFaul will tell us a lot about where US-Russian relations are headed before Jan 2017.  I’m sure he’s got Valerie looking over the donor list right now.  Lurch won’t be involved.

One Response to “Under-Powered Ambassador McFaul – QUITS!”

  1. Varvara

    Mr. McFaul is standing quietly, taking the oath. Mrs. McFaul is standing there, dressed conservatively in blue. Next to her are standing two well dressed, polite boys. Mr. McFaul is looking at the untidy woman with two-toned hair, blond and black. This same woman has been called two-faced and also been known to have two sides to every opinion.

    Yes, the big question….. who will 0bama pick for the job?