Two Whores Seeking Their 15 Minutes?

Posted March 23rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Given the bloated budget the Congress just passed,  – over the objections of the voters,  – it’s clear there is a plethora of whores in DC;  – some wear suits,  – others wear lingerie.
The Propaganda Ministry wants to distract you with fake scandals, – like “Russian Collusion” and Stormy Daniels.   They hope you won’t notice the bloated budget.

Meanwhile, a couple of washed-up porn stars – Daniels and Karen McDougal, – are trying to gain fleeting fame and possible fortune for being “able to finally tell their story”.


Seriously,  after FDR,  Eisenhower,  JFK,  LBJ,  and Slick Willy,  – who gives a shit if Trump had sex with them…?  

At least he’s not gay like Obama!

There is no trail of dead lovers in Trump’s wake,  like there is in the wake of JFK,  Hillary and Bill Clinton,  and Barack Obama!

Last night’s headline was that McDougal claims to be (mad?)(insulted?) that Trump tried to PAY HER…? Was she in LOVE with him,…or is she complaining he failed to leave a big enough tip?

Based on their proven inability to remain discreet and to fade into the darkness; – we can only hope that whatever money they garner from their attacks is quickly handed over to their attorneys,….who will likely spend it better and more wisely than these two sluts.

Anybody remember 26 Jan 1979 – when Happy wasn’t happy?

May 19th 1962:   Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday….

Anybody out there old enough to remember Wilbur and Fanne?

Anybody remember the lady’s name of FDR’s ‘special friend’ – the one he died in bed with…? 

3 Responses to “Two Whores Seeking Their 15 Minutes?”

  1. Sherox

    Lucy Mercer.

    All this un-news is to keep Hillary and Nancy out of the press. Keeps the Democrats looking good.

  2. Kojack

    “At least he’s not gay like Obama!
    There is no trail of dead lovers in Trump’s wake, like there is in the wake of JFK, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama!”

    Also, IF it happened at all, UNLIKE WITH CLINTON, IT WAS CONSENUAL!

  3. Hawk1776

    Also unlike Clinton it didn’t occur in the Oval Office on company time.