Two Questions Jen Benson Couldn’t Answer (or Was Afraid To)

Posted December 14th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Good Evening Americans,

The sun has set on the Massachusetts 37th Middlesex District, and with a full six days to answer two simple questions, – guess what!?!? Despite a follow-up reminder e-mail and a call to her office this afternoon [I spoke to Katie] – she’s failed to answer me. You pick the reason: liberal arrogance, liberal ignorance, liberal rudeness, – or personal cowardice. I think it’s a combination of ignorance and cowardice.

My two (2) questions to which Jen drew a BLANK last week were:

  1. your opinion of and reaction to “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings including what was revealed last week?

  2. after what the hacked e-mails from the CRU revealed about the fraudulent data having being cooked to legitimize the “science” behind “man-made global warming“, are you still convinced that it is a danger to Planet Earth, – and enough so to justify your nickel-a-bag tax?

Jen ran last year as a “mother of school-age children” who’d “saved the Lunenburg School District from disaster”, – and she claimed to be a ‘green candidate’ – who wanted to save the planet from mankind’s spewing poisons.

Would Jen let Kevin Jennings babysit her kids?

Would Jen let Kevin Jennings babysit her kids?

The Bensons have two beautiful teen-age daughters. I find it inconceivable and irresponsible that she’d not heard of Kevin Jennings, and was (still is?) totally unaware of his vile and disgusting background. Has her head been in a bubble these past six months?  Well, if she only watches ABC, CBS, and NBC, she probably doesn’t know anything about Jennings, the ‘Little Black Book’, or “fistgate”. The MSM doesn’t want you to know.  Here is a safe link to start – then be prepared for some vile stuff when you click on the links. No kids looking over your shoulder please!

We’re all aware that the Al Gore Church of Global Warming has attracted a cult-like following. Jen Benson is at least a choir leader, if not an assistant deacon in that church. So again I remain dumbfounded that our elected state rep is so detached from reality and from current events that she hadn’t heard of the hacked CRU e-mails, – and was thus unable to discuss the fallout.  But she firmly restated her unflagging faith in her Eleventh Commandment: “Global Warming is Mankind’s Mortal Sin, – and only Socialism and her nickel-a-bag tax can save the Earth!”

She’s hardly alone, – it’s a HUGE nationwide / worldwide cult. Like most cults, you have to follow the money – all the way to Al Gore’s mansion in Carthage, Tennessee. Come Nov 2nd, the voters of the Mass 37th will have an opportunity to rid ourselves of this abjectly gullible and deliberately uninformed socialist bubble-headed.

Until we can vote her out of office, help Jen Benson understand that we think handing out ‘fisting kits’ to young vulnerable teenage kids is way beyond loathsome. How would she feel if it were her daughters?

Call her at: Beacon Hill 617 722-213, Lunenburg Office: 978 582-4146 x 450, or home: 978 582-7134    Email her: , ,

Be polite, but be firm. Help her understand these issues, or help her decide to resign.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Watch Jen get Womens’ Right To Vote wrong – twice!

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    Sign the petition to fire Jennings at GrassRootsNation. Share this with everyone you know.