Two More Kennedys Die – Needlessly

Posted April 4th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Bobby Kennedy’s granddaughter and great grandson jumped into a canoe to chase a ball across the waters of the Chesapeake…likely never bothered to don life jackets…
As of this posting the canoe and a paddle have been found – 2 days later…7 miles south…
UPDATE:    6 pm Monday,  6 April  Mom’s body found:
UPDATE:    2 pm Wednesday,  8 April  Boy’s body found:

Monday evening 6 April:  Per CNN,  a dive and rescue team found Maeve’s body in 25 feet of water,  about 2.5 miles from her mother’s residence,  around 5:31 pm Monday,  the Maryland Natural Resources Police said in a statement.

UPDATE:   2 pm Wed, 8 April 2020   Gideon McKean’s body was found in 25 feet of water and 2.3 miles south of the house on Shady Side,  – 2,000 feet from where his mother was found.  Looks like he died first.

2 Responses to “Two More Kennedys Die – Needlessly”

  1. Walter Knight

    Kennedy’s should not go near water. RIP

  2. panther 6

    RIP. Amazing how misfortune plagues this family. Makes you wonder if there is some curse stemming from the activities of the old man?