Two Miracles Today for Scott Brown’s Campaign

Posted January 15th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

#1. For those who know me, I’ve been out of state for the past three months doing consulting for the State of WA.  Today, when I went in to work at the client, I was talking politics with the Project Manager.  She said her husband saw the suggestion on Scott Brown’s website that you could make calls from home.  So, he did.  They live in Chicago!  Not Massachusetts, but PresO’s home territory!  Here’s her husband calling unenrolled voters on behalf of Scott, and he can’t even vote for him.

#2. I was just in a restaurant having dinner.  A nice Italian restaurant in Lacey, WA.  I was listening to O’Reilly’s Bold Fresh audio book on my Zune.  I had finished dinner and my son called.  As we usually do, we started talking about politics. We were having a good time and I suspected that the couple at the table next to me had overheard my conversation.  I finished talking and got up to pay my check.  The man at the next table said, “Were you talking about Scott Brown?”  I said yes, a bit guardedly… well, I’m from MA and one is always on guard when politics comes up, due to the lopsided situation.

As it turns out, he said he was a strong supporter of Scott’s!  I was stunned.  He said he had just run successfully for Parks Commissioner.  He ran because he was fed up with what’s happening to our country.  I commiserated with him and his wife for a bit. Well, more than a bit.  They wanted to know all about what was going on in MA. We chatted more and more and more… bringing up Adam Smith, Ronald Reagan, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. It was so amazing I didn’t want to leave, but their food was getting cold.

I know Scott will win this election.  If there is such support from people who can’t even vote for him, what can we expect in MA? I have faith in my fellow citizens.  Faith that they’ll see what they’ve done in the recent past. Faith that they now realize how they can right the wrongs of the election of 2008. Faith that America can get back on track again. I pray every day for a victory for Scott Brown on Tuesday.  If you’re reading this, you MUST go out and vote.  If you don’t, the result of your inaction could be more of what we have today.  rr

4 Responses to “Two Miracles Today for Scott Brown’s Campaign”

  1. ironmike

    Miracle #3:

    A Suffolk University poll released Thursday evening shows Republican Scott Brown four points ahead of Democrat Martha Coakley as he continues his improbable surge in the Massachusetts Senate special election.

    The poll reports Brown is leading Coakley, 50 to 46 percent – just within the margin of error. Independent candidate Joe Kennedy received 3 percent.

  2. britsarmymom

    Thanks for this post. It explains some of my experiences at the Littleton Call Center. Yesterday a man answered, in a bellow, “Hello, Scott?”. He had me in stitches, as he went on to say mine was the third call he’d gotten “from Scott”, and he expected, any day now, that Scott Brown himself would be calling!
    We’re only close, though, and nowhere near “in”. I, too, sat at a restaurant, but near Cambridge last night, among colleagues who consider Scott a laughable unknown and were quick to emphasize his photo in Cosmo during his youth, as well as other youthful “indiscretions”. This is Elitism at it’s best, most often sugared with racisim so we don’t recognize it for what it is.
    Bottom line: Brown’s seat represents our only hope of stopping the Healthcare Bill rushing through, sight unseen.
    Thanks for your blog

  3. Peter

    Here’s my call-center story from last night:

    I tell the guy who answered the phone that I was calling for Scott Brown.

    He says “Scott Brown? No Way!” and prepares to hang up.

    Then I hear a female voice in the background saying words to the effect of “Is that a call for Scott Brown? Don’t you dare hang up! Give that phone to me!”

    She gets on the phone and tells me she and her husband have “differing political opinions” and that she is a strong Brown supporter and will be voting for him on the 19th.

  4. britsarmymom

    Oh, I can top that one! I called and a male answered, before I said a word, “Is this Scott?”. Well, in the conversation that ensued, we joked about how many calls he’d received on Brown’s behalf and said he thought Scott would be calling himself any day now. We had a lively repartee!