Two Heroes Down – No DEATH Penalty!

Posted April 12th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Another Massachusetts cop has been murdered in cold blood,  and STILL we have no death penalty for cop killers.

Officer Sean Gannon and Nero were serving a warrant in the Marston Mills area of Cape Cod,  when the killer burst from a closet and shot Gannon in the head,  then wounded Nero.

The killer is 29-year-old Thomas Latanowich previously of Somerville,  a career criminal with 111 convictions and several open cases,  – described as “violent and dangerous” – who in December 2016 followed a man just released from prison and stabbed him at a red light.

I want every liberal to notice how well our STRICT MASSACHUSETTS GUN LAWS kept a gun out of this criminal’s hands,  – and kept these officers safe while serving warrants.


4 Responses to “Two Heroes Down – No DEATH Penalty!”

  1. Sherox

    111 convictions? He should have been put down.

  2. Ben

    Anyone with that many convictions should have had a swat team to serve the warrant. Something is drastically wrong with our court system. Law abiding system has serious flaws in this state.

  3. Catherine

    ANY judge who lets someone with more than (pick a number – three, four, ten?) convictions out on bail should be REQUIRED to HOUSE the low-life at his OWN home.

    Rest in Peace Officer Gannon; may your family be given comfort by the Source of all comfort.

  4. Mt Woman

    Let me guess, he was a model prisoner so he was paroled. Simplely impossible to make sense of the liberal mind set in this State!